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Day Three

bad luck:( definitely have not been doing so well. damaged my skin a lot today. i was quite stressed this evening so that may have had something to do with it. I might try oxytetracycline again, to see if it responds differently to my different acne this time. hopefully i can go tomorrow without squeezing, but only time will tell i guess! wish me luck Em x





Day One!

So today is my first day of my challenge! i am glad to say that so far so good! i still catch myself picking at my skin, but as soon as i realise i stop. I play a lot of musical instruments and love to sing, so this help me keep my hands busy! i hope that i can go through the rest of the day the same way! however i will be at my moat vulnerable tonight, we i take my makeup off. i might just do it not in front of the mirror, so i can't see what is going on. I didn't





Pre- Challenge

So after years of countless picking, and trying almost every trick under the sun, i figured that if i could write about my addiction on an online forum, it may just help. tomorrow will be my first day of picking, as this afternoon i picked my skin, and squeezed a tonne, so i can't start today. Although the challenge is meant to be 30 days, i will be more than happy if i can get through fifteen, or even ten. i have only been able to go for a day without squeezing, so far this year!




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