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Day One- First Impression

Today has begun the 30-day Yes to Tomatoes Review, and as I began using the product this morning, I have to say that I'm quite nervous. Let's begin with the review and rating: Yes to Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser - The first thing that struck me about this product was the smell. I had read many, many, many reviews commenting on the smell of the product. Some claimed it was unbearable; others claimed it was just unappealing. The smell was almost like a hotel room to me, although I don't know if that makes any sense. It didn't smell clean as much as it just smelled odd. I suppose that's what comes with being an all-natural product. The next thing about the cleanser that struck me as odd was that it did not have any active ingredients in it like other acne clearing products do, such as salicylic acid or benzoil peroxide; another indicator that made me nervous. Nevertheless, I washed up my hands, splashed up my face, and squirted a small dollop of the product onto my exfoliating brush. The product does not lather up as rich as many other acne products I have come into contact with. You really have to work to get a lather, even with my exfoliating brush. However, on a positive note, this product did not burn my skin like many products with high levels of active ingredients do, and I even went as far as to open my eyes while I was washing. After cleaning, I patted my face dry, and I found nothing spectacular in regards to feel or immediate appearance. Overall, I will rate this product a 4/10 so far. Yes To Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask - Following the washing of my face, I promptly applied the Yes to Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask. Much to my surprise, this product was not of an unappealing scent. The product was also incredibly thick, but I did not have a hard time spreading it across my face. The directions suggest waiting five minutes before washing the product off. I waited the amount of time, and now I must say APPLY A THIN LAYER! The product is very thick, and when the applied thick to the face, it takes a bit of work to scrub off your face. I learned this the hard way. The mask dries very hard, almost like those Biore strips when you apply those on your nose. I washed the product off, and, unlike many other masks I use to help clear my skin, this did not leave my face feeling dry. It also didn't itch while I was waiting for it to dry like other products that I use. Overall, I rate this product an 8/10 right now. Yes to Tomatoes Acne Control Gel Cleanser - This product was very different, and I am not pleased with it whatsoever. This product actually contains a decent amount of salycilic acid, which is it's only redeeming value. The product claims to be a cleanser, however, it is more of a leave on treatment. According to the directions, this product is applied after having cleansed the face in a thin layer, much like a spot treatment. The product has the feeling of a peel-off mask, but it never peels off. It leaves skin feeling trapped beneath a layer of gelatin or something. It is heavy on eyes and makes skin feel gross. I was not impressed whatsoever. I couldn't even leave the product on long enough to see if the feeling would go away. The overall rating for this product is a 1/10. Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer - Finally, the Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer. Let me start by acknowledging that I have combination skin, and the moisturizers I use need to be very specific, so I was already nervous about trying this product anyway, but I figured I should because I need to understand how these products work all together. The product is not unpleasant in regards to smell or texture, and applying it to my face was very easy (and it was almost a relief after the gel cleanser!), but, as the product began to settle on my face, my face became very very oily. Again, to the point that I felt like I needed to wash it off. I fought through this urge, but felt as if my face were melting off. It is an extremely moisturizing product, and I would very much so suggest this to anyone suffering from acne due to dry skin issues. However this product made me feel like my face was a waterfall. I was very oily around my nose and underneath my eyes, and this was not a comfortable feeling, especially when trying to wear underneath makeup. Overall, I rate this product a 7/10. This concludes my first impression and review of the Yes to Tomatoes acne clearing products I have chosen to use and record for the next thirty days, hopefully good things are to come with this product because so far, I'm not very impressed.




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My name is Emily, and I've been battling what I would consider severe cystic acne for about four years now. My acne started when I was a Junior in high school, and while I could keep it hidden enough to face my peers at school, every day I had to go home and remove my makeup to see the damage that the pore-clogging products had done to my already far-from-desirable skin. My acne centralizes around my cheek and jaw area, which is very painful to say the least! I've battled this condition and my own self-confidence for years. It's gotten to the point where I can't even check the mail without concealer, foundation, and powder. From Neutrogena to ProActive, I've been working incessantly to find a product that works for me! The problem is, I never give one enough of a chance to prove itself before I'm in a fit of rage over a new pimple and moving on to another chemical-laden product that leaves my eyes burning and my face raw. Honestly, I'd rather have just explained to everyone why I looked like a burn victim than explain that I can't keep my skin at bay, even for a week.. This leads me to my most recent endeavor: Yes to Tomatoes. The Yes to Tomatoes products are an all-natural solution to a problem that many of us would risk chemical burns to overcome. The products are supposedly healthier for your skin and the Yes to Tomatoes product is advertised as an acne remedy, with many products ranging from facial washes and scrubs to face masks and spot treatments, and, in comparison to brands such as Murad or Clinique, is very easy on a budget. Following my recent emptying of an acne remedy, I had found myself in a conundrum; what do I try now? Following the thorough research of the Yes to product line, I hopped in my car and went to my nearest CVS where I purchased a complete acne control system that consists of the following: a facial wash, a clay mask, an acne clearing cleanser, facial cleansing wipes (for traveling), and a moisterizer. The spot treatment I will be sticking to is my beloved, tried and true, Clean and Clear, so I didn't invest in the roll-on spot treatment, although it is not to say I won't consider it as my endeavor continues. I welcome anyone who is interested to join me on this 30-day adventure into skin clearing solutions (hopefully!), and hope to be of great value to those looking for an in-depth discovery of this well-known product!