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Accutane - Candida And Acne Connection

I first took Accutane (Roaccutane/Isotretinoin) in 2011, after usual tetracycline antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and all the treatment under the sun and none of them worked so I was told Accutane is the last resort and the only thing that will work for me because it is an internal condition which needs combating in my case. I was told diet, hormones, stress or anything else had anything to do with my acne, but it was a viral/bacterial infection that this drug would kill off) and I was very briefly warned by the consultant dermatologist that I might get a few minor side effects which affect a very small minority of people and these stop when you stop taking the drug, but that the drug can also stay in your system for a month afterwards, so I had to continue with the mandatory blood test + serum pregnancy blood test to prove I was not pregnant for a month afterwards to ensure that the strict MHRA drug guidelines were followed. Many side effects fluctuated initially, so I thought these would pass and I was told by my doctor these were absolutely not connected to Accutane and I was shown a medical book and told look your symptoms could be any number of things in the book and it is not from Accutane, it is a simple skin drug. I developed some more side effects but I put these down to other things, went for various tests which came back normal or treatment was unsuccessful, so I thought well the experts told me this isn't Accutane, it is obviously something else and I am just going to have to live with it. Last year my acne returned with a vengeance so I went to see a consultant dermatologist again, started Accutane for one month and the side effects form was totally different (much longer, so many more side effects listed and more severe side effects were written on there), but I thought no the experts know what they are doing, they wouldn't harm me and I trust them. Plus I have taken this drug before and I had no problems (at least that were supposedly not connected to that drug - how could they be when the more severe ones were several months down the line after finishing treatment) before and my skin was gorgeous after treatment before so why not take it again. I noticed the sheet was longer and with a lot more additions so I was more weary and consciously watched for side effects and this time round was totally different - I became very ill, many side effects hit me and the side effects from the first time were much worse this time, so I did lots and loads of research and found that ALL of my problems were connected to this drug. I was mucked about with appointments and blood tests on the second course (the hospital I went too had been in special measures shortly before), I wasn't monitored properly on this cytotoxic chemotherapy drug and Istarted the treatment in April and was told the only next available appointment would be November....horrendous! No strict MHRA guideline mandatory blood + pregnancy serum blood test and no check up on my health and side effects, most of which I had no clue what I was looking for or had to feel for a diagnosis! I'm no medical expert - I didn't know what half the stuff written on that side effects form was! So after several angry phone calls about this medical negligence I managed to get squeezed into an appointment in July (still 3 months later!). I then got mucked around, blood tests were inaccurate/didn't arrived so eventually I was offered the drug again in September - to which I though well I am not be cared for medically on this drug, my health is at risk and from the side effects I had I didn't think it wise to continue. I told the dermatology and he said none of the symptoms were connected and he got very angry saying "do you want the drug or not?!" - I think he might have thought with everything - the symptoms, him messing about appointments that there might have been a suing case there? I pointed out all of my symptoms and said hang on I told you about this and that problem I had before taking the drug and you told me no it's not connected, take the drug it's perfectly safe, so I believed you - but the symptoms I had were listed as very serious and it says if you have any of this to stop taking the drug immediately and seek medical attention. So of course I then didn't want to start the drug again and I was really upset about what was happening! I couldn't believe that a doctor would turn on me for my medical symptoms and commit further negligence and give me a long story about how the drug was not connected just to save a complaint going in - talk about protecting themselves! It's so wrong. However no complaint went in and I also found out that the drug is going into MHRA government review to possibly be banned so I was reluctant to take it again. After a huge amount of research I started to seek holistic and natural treatments, all of which began to put me right and my acne was really clearing! I tried the anti-inflammatory diet, natural topical treatments, taking supplements, hormone balancing natural ways and also by eating a healthy diet and targeting most things with food - which I thought obviously better and not a chemically based treatment. I then went to see my GP with all my side effects and symptoms and was told yes these are connected to this drug, but I don't know how to treat it, I am not the specialist, go back and see the expert. I got batted back and forth so many times and had to wait a long time for each appointment and was told there was not the funding available anymore for certain treatment. I went for various tests and treatment again, some the same and some different which didn't work again, but with each person I saw I was able to give the full story, tell them about the drug and tell them where my problems had come from. Most of them knew about this drug, knew people who had very bad experiences and knew it causes a whole host of problems - I was told it can actually cause cancer in the long run (although it is a chemotherapy drug) but an expert, and I was told that all of my natural treatments and holistic remedies were the best way forward. I was advised about possible further drug treatment for some side effects but the doctors said they strongly advise not taking it as it could make the situation worse and I am better to try and recover the way I have been and there were so many improvements already apparent. This made me feel so relieved and pleased that I was able to treat myself and to be at a point that I knew so much about the drug that I was making myself better by implementing what I was doing - thank heavens for the internet! I recently went back the see the second dermatologist and he could not believe that I had cleared my acne and got a lot better - but again he got angry about side effects being related to the drug, and said no these are no connected in any way, but I will refer you onto the specialists any way....... weird! When I dug deeper and said so what is the mechanism of the drug then, why does it cause this and that and how and what is treatment he told me I don't know! - I am not a bowel specialist, I'm not a rheumatology doctor, it doesn't cause Crohn's disease, it doesn't cause liver problems - in all my years of practicing I have had one patient develop Crohn's disease but it was unclear whether that was from this drug and I just think the drug triggered something in the intestine which the patient already had.....oooook! So why is it listed as a side effect? and most people develop the Crohn's disease later down the line - sometimes just a year after, so is this not connected? hmmm... There have been several suings abroad over this and Accutane has been banned in most countries now - just like the drug Thalidomide, which was produced by the same company - Roche. It seems everybody wants to shift the blame and put it down to something else in order to shift the blame. During my natural/holistic remedies research I came across the idea that people should take probiotics after finishing/ during a course of antibiotics because antibiotics (and chemotherapy drugs like Accutane, or steroids or various drugs) cause the gut flora to get out of balance - they kill off both good and bad bacteria as they cannot differentiate between - especially chemotherapy cancer drugs as they are designed not just to inhibit the cancer cell growth but they inhibit all cell growth - as they are not better designed to kill just malignant or bad cells/ bacteria. Soooo.... this leads to an overgrowth of yeast in the intestine - Candida! This weakens the walls of the intestine, weakens the immune system, causes leaky gut syndrome and pockets of yeast and toxins spread into the blood and body resulting in a whole host of problems - swollen lymph nodes (found in neck, right hip area and armpits), dizziness, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, rashes, hair loss, acne, etc. -------http://www.thecandidadiet.com/candidasymptoms.htm---------- unfortunately with modern day diet and stress, many people develop candida, some to a lesser extent depending on diet, stress levels, and others to a higher extent who have taken antibiotics (such as tetracycline), chemo drugs (accutane) - those people tend to have a more extreme yeast overgrowth like me! Pretty much all or most of the side effects listed on the Accutane side effects sheet are also symptoms of candida because in the grand scheme of things Accutane causes candida (an out of balance gut flora, good/bacteria and body PH level) which causes all of these side effects. Doctors and experts say they don't know what the causes of fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease and Chronic fatigue are - just look up all of those with candida and these is very clearly a connection. Constant inflammation causes Crohn's, this inflammation is caused by candida, fibromyalgia is caused by candida and toxins being pumped all over the body with pockets of yeast everywhere, all patients with chronic fatigue have a yeast overgrowth!!! Seriously it is all connected........ However, here is the problem, yeast overgrowth/ Candida is not medically recognized by the NHS (or the so called "experts") because there is a lack of studies and evidence to support this - well then do some studies - duhh! But if you think about it doctors profit from treating your symptoms also, the depression, the acne, the rashes, the anxiety, the chronic fatigue, the hair loss, the conjunctivitis, the insomnia, and everything caused by candida so why would it be in their interest to treat the root cause and lose a whole load of money treating your SYMPTOMS - not the root cause which will ultimately get rid of them! They don't look for a root when you go in with these symptoms. I have been lucky enough to meet some humane doctors who have told me about this and yes all of my symptoms/ side effects from Accutane were on the Candida list - so when I did the diet, amazingly, all and every one of my problems went away, including my acne. My acne was not caused by hormones, not by thyroid problems, but by a yeast overgrowth which is contributed to by a number of factors - stress, diet and general lifestyle - how many more cases of acne are candida related? It's not enough to eat healthy (or do what both dermatologists told me - eat what you like we have done studies and found diet has no effect on acne whatsoever, it is a bacterial infection you need to kill), but you need to eat a diet which will kill off the yeast overgrowth back to a normal state and repopulate the body with good bacteria. So yes diet is connected - but initially not what is viewed as a healthy diet with fruits, grains, sugars, etc. all of which contribute to candida and allow it to thrive, but what will initially kill it off - starve it of sugar, grains etc. and do the diet -------http://www.thecandidadiet.com/--------- and you will get to the root problem. It is a hard thing to stick to - especially for teenagers and young people who love junk food and to go out drinking and are stressed with school or university exams, but ultimately it needs to be done. Also not everyone with candida will have every single symptom listed, it depends on your body and what you are more prone to, so you may have different symptoms to someone else with it - but after a course of antibiotics or Accutane it is highly likely you do because people are also stressed, do not incorporate probiotic foods into their diet (natural live yogurt, not Activia or Yakult, but live yogurt with acidophilis and bifidobacterium) which can also be taken as a supplement, and medically they are not warned about this. Also I believed that candida may be responsible for the depression, anxiety or emotional problems that some Accutane patients experience because a high percentage of our serotonin (the happy / relaxation hormone) is produced in the intestine and candida/ a leaky gut stops this from being produced and converted and reaching our brains..... hence why doctors say you may experience a personality change! The yeast overgrowth out ways the good bacteria and stops the body absorbing the necessary nutrients for the body, including bacteria so it affects mood and brain function, and can also cause brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, and problems concentrating. I really want more people to become aware of this and to try this, and to look at their diets to watch that they do not allow a yeast overgrowth to happen (and their bodies PH to drop and their bodies to become too acidic which leads to a whole host of problems like cancer which thrives in an acidic environment). I want the medical profession to recognized this problem in order to look out for people's health, not just to treat a few symptoms which they have some drugs for and make a load of money, but to actually focus on their duty of care and tell people what to do. Also, if they treated patients properly, there would be less pressure on the NHS and more healthy people! There are ways of testing candida - the glass test ------------- https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1CHWA_enGB603GB603&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=candida%20glass%20test)-----------




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