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Accutane For Non-Cystic Acne

Hi! i've read many logs about accutane and have found them to be extremely helpful, and i figured i'd make one not just for myself but for people to see another perspective on this medicine and how it works. speaking as a teenage girl, acne is just the worst. probably similar to most of you reading this, i've tried everything possible. i've gone through 3 different antibiotic's, many topicals, almost all available store bought products, proactiv, X-out, etc... and needless to say my family has spent a fortune. not to mention, i also get facials every month, which are 100 dollars per facial. absolutely NOTHING works. its so frustrating! after about 5 years of having acne (currently 16 years old) and being put on useless medication, i decided enough is enough. i had heard about accutane and did as much research as you possibly could on it. i found that it is an extremely useful medication for most types of acne, although has many side effects. my acne is has a huge impact on me and i've found myself staying home when i could have gone out just because my face was so bad, so for me anything is worth clear skin. about my acne; like i said, i've had acne for 5 years. i call my acne moderate only because it's not cystic (usually). i currently have so many comedones and pimples all over my face, i never have a day without at least 15 active pimples. occasionally though, i'll get a cyst or two, which is annoying. my face is my main concern in getting clear. it's mostly on my cheeks but occasionally ill get pimples on other places like forehead/chin my back is a whole different story. its completely severe and cystic, and it's extremely painful. last week i went to my derm and insisted on getting accutane! she told me straight up that it probably wouldn't help for my face and said the only reason she is prescribing it was because of my back and how bad it is. that got me pretty upset, but then again i have read many logs on this website that said accutane worked for their 'mild but persistent' acne. i'm still nervous that it won't work, though. also a very annoying requirement is having to wait so long to get the medication! i have to go through blood tests, pregnancy tests, i have to get birth control and sign up on a website called 'ipledge', and supposedly this all takes a minimum of 30 days. this is especially annoying because i'm not sexually active nor have i ever been! so i can't possibly be pregnant! ugh. its extremely irritating. my derm also has to contact my other doctor and see if taking accutane with my ADHD medication is okay- which she was supposed to do last week and called my house today saying she lost the number. this process could take 30-60 days. ill update on day 1 when i officially start! so, furthermore, a couple questions... has anybody had acne that seems to be similar to mine that took accutane? did it work for you? is the initial breakout for this medicine bearable? how long does it last? thank you updates soon i promise !!!




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