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My Routine.

|I have suffered of Acne since I turned 14 years old. I am not pretty sure about what triggered my acne, maybe it was genes, maybe it was puberty or maybe because I moved from Colombia to America. This could be sound a little weird but I am not the only one who has came out with this idea. Im 18 years old now, I have been moving a lot from Colombia to New York.( I do not like NYC :/) And every time I go back to my country my skin clears up in 1 week. The last summer(2014) I decided to move for a long time for the first time, I have been here now for 6 months, I learn English in Colombia. And that it has became quiet bad, my skin is starting to break out and the dark and red spots left are horrible. Due to this I decided to visit a dermatologist (She is so hot), I was prescribed Acany gel twice a day and Atralin every other day. I did start using the Acanya but only at night, it worked pretty well for a couple months but now it is getting bad again, so I decided I will give the Atraling a try. I have not given it a try before, because of some reviews I have read, which are pretty dissapointing. People say it make u break out like crazy during the first 12 weeks, and I did not want to take that risk, but now I feel like I should. I mean you never know. Now here are some advices that I think will be pretty good to keep it in control. 1st: Instead of wasting your face, try taking a shower twice a day (Morning and before going to sleep) I think is better if you do it when taking a warm shower. Not to hot. And then rinse and finish the shower with cold water. 2nd Use a gentle cleanser. I suggest Cerave Hydrating Cleanser. I have been using it for 2 years now, it is pretty good. 3. Dry ur face gentely with towel. Make sure it is white. And make sure to include it in ur laundry every week. 4. Your topical medication. In my case Acanya. Do not use too much guys. Using a lot does not mean it will work faster. And rub it gentely. 5 wait around 5-10 mins and then moisturize I use Alba Botanica. Is oil free, and pretty much more natural than other products and brands. 6 Sunscreen DURING DAY. Obviusly noncomodegonic. oil free. I use on that I get from my dermatologist (She is so hot.) 7 Keep ur pillow cases clean. 8 get enough sleep. 9 when waking up, before eating anything or brushing your teeth, drink 2-3 glasses of water. Not tap water. 10. Take a shower and again the routine. Dry ur face without rubbing. apply any topical medication. moisturize. use sunscreen. 11. DO NOT EXFOLIATE EVERYDAY.DO IT JUST ONCE A WEEK. Guys I hoped I was of any help. IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS OR SUCCESFUL STRIKES. SHARE!!!