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Day 20

So my lips are chapped even more and my skin is drying a bit more as well. I am getting mild lower back pain and in my legs too. Can't really carry anything without having my arms feeling fatigued but that's the whole process of the pill kicking in. I don't have any serious side effects *knock on wood*. A little spacey and feeling "empty" at times but nothing severe- could be also other daily occurrences that cause that as well. Vision hasn't effected me yet or I just don't notice. Can't really

Day 8

So my skin has started to get dry and my lips starting to chap as well but I'm not complaining. I'm feeling a little tired at some points but nothing serious. I can't wait to have this drug clean up the one big monster on my face. I'm going to the dermatologist on Monday to see if she wants to give me another cortisone shot because the first one flattened it a little but then it came back :/. No serious side effects which I am happy about. Other than that nothing else to report. I got a li

Day 3

Today there isn't anything special to report. I took the pills (2- 10mg) at 12 pm instead of supper because I want to start weaning myself into taking it in the morning instead. My knee isn't acting up as bad, my skin was a little more dryer then normal this morning but I put some moisterizer over my make up and everything was fine. I will have to look into getting some eye drops and some more moisturizer for the future. It seems that my cyst has big fat came back anyways even desp

Day 2

Well it's day 2 on accutane 20 mg dose. My knee and some other little areas of my body feel a little sore but that's about it. I have one little comedone that formed on the side of my nose but not sure if that is from the accutane or not. That's pretty much it. A little scared to be on this drug but I am enlightened a little to have these 2 cysts off my chin. If anyone is listening here is a little background with a picture: I am a 30 year old female with no previous acbe problems. I
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