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First Week

Growing up, my older sister used to have acne. Being a younger sibling, it was my duty to pick on her. However, I never realized just how hurtful some of the things I said (especially about her acne) must have been. When I hit puberty at 11...BOOM. Hello little friends whom live on my face. It was mortifying to go to school, or out with my family. Kids would be extremely cruel. Just as I was with my sister... Until I realized how it felt to be laughed at and told you're gross. By the time high school came around, all hell had broke loose on my face. By this time, I was so scarred from all of the looks and comments, I actually skipped my first day, mortified of what people would say. I finally gathered the courage to at least lather on my protective cloak of makeup and head to the most cruel environment. I knew the makeup didn't completely hide the severity of my acne. I knew people knew... But in my head, this was my ONLY "protection". Eventually, after freshman year, I went to a dermatologist for the first time. They took one look at me and prescribed my Duac. When that didn't work, a few months later, he prescribed my Retin-A. I used that for about a year. I was "clear" for about a month, and then hell spilled back over. I stopped using medications for another year, (except for birth control) hoping, that like my sister, it would just go away on its own. What a silly idea... Things just got worse of course. I went back to the Derm. He gave me Differin and BP. I did that for 6 months. It was "eh". It did get rid of the severity of it and left me with "moderate acne", which was much better than the previous years. However, just with all the others, it came back with a vengeance. The doc added an oral antibiotic to my regime. Again. "EH" at best. That leaves me here. I just finished my first week on Accutane. I am starting with 60mg a day (seems a bit higher than norm). So far, I've noticed the IB starting, as well as my lips becoming ever so slightly drier. I also lift weights, so I have noticed that I'm extremely sore afterwards, more than normal. It'm really hoping this works... It's kind of my last hope...




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