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Benzoyl Peroxide Notes

Benzoyl peroxide has effectively lessen my acne but it's so hard to find it in a formulation that that works without irritating my skin. I actually have not tried 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, but once I can I am planning on trying out Dan's benzoyl peroxide because it seems to be well formulated. Benzoyl peroxide actually works to get rid of acne because it introduces oxygen into the pore to kill bacteria like the acne causing p.acnes strain. Without actual antibacterial ingredients in you





You Keep Failing Yourself And Your Skin

I've been reluctant to write this post. I know after I complete this post I'm going to be hard on myself and the things I'm doing in life. I'm tired of being lazy, stagnant, non moving, I hate getting stressed over it because then I breakout and then I become preoccupied with my skin. I've been more than preoccupied with my skin, it has consumed my entire life, my entire life revolves around hoping that I will see improvement in my skin. It should be looking better by now, I'm on spiro, I'




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