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Three Years and Six months Post Accutane

Hello, i was deleting some really old mail from years of accumulation and passed by acne.org notifications so i decided to might as well give an update.

Last time i took a pill of generic accutane, (Claravis?) was June 1, 2015. Since, my face has never been an issue anymore. I get the occasional white head here and there, sometimes a cystic one but that is mainly my fault 'cause i have become too confident and don't take care of my skin. For example i get drunk, or get home too tired from soccer or work that i fall dead asleep without showering or washing my face.

My skin is oily but not as much as before accutane. I wipe it out with Kleenex tissue two times a day so it doesnt show that much, but nothing bothersome.

Your dermatologist will tell you that even after Accutane your skin is not like most who never had issues with acne. Therefore you have to keep a regimen to maintain your skin clean and clear, My regimen to stay clear is:
1. Use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide from Clean and Clear in the mornings.
2. Regular Clean and Clear face wash at night.
and thats it! 

(Typing here sucks, your writing really lags in this site so you have to let it catch up every 3 seconds)

I do get head pimples though, especially when i dont wash it often. I dont want to wash it often too because accutane has made my hair a little bit weak, but not as much as when i was on accutane ...hair used to fall off like crazy. I also have an itching psoriasis-like stuff growing on my right leg. Not sure if its accutane related but after 3 years i might have to go see my dermatologist for a non-acne related diagnosis.

If yo u want to be friends you can add me on facebook, you can send me a message through here to connect or send messages. THIS SITE REALLY REALLY SUCKS NOW, THE WRITING HERE LAGS SO MUCH I HAVE TO KEEP WAITING 3-5 SECONDS FOR MY WRITING TO CATCH UP. 

Post Accutane Day 280 (7 months!)

Well i haven't been in here like in 5 months. Some people just disappear when things are going alright and those who remain here are those still struggling. Well i'm back 'cause that's what we're here for--to support and give tips, advice and share experiences...

My skin has been pretty clear since i finished Accutane, it wasn't actually Accutane but some generic brand i can't recall but it's all in my past entries. Also, i didn't actually finish the entire course and the whole weight, mg needed for remission, etc.

For the past 3 months i have stopped applying Retin A to my skin and have just been washing my face with regular Clean and Clear face wash at night and 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Clean and Clear during the morning. Nothing else; no creams, moisturizers, extra washing, just that. There have been times i don't even wash my face at nights cause of being drunk, but its rare, but even that doesn't cause me to break out.

Just this past week i was on vacation and i was just washing my face with regular hotel soap, day and night, and that caused me to get this mid-sized whitehead on my cheek and some very tiny zits on my forehead but nothing overwhelming. Once again folks, we are acne prone so it's important to continue to have some kind of regimen even when you're not breaking out.

Now i'm a 31 year old guy who has had HORRIBLE acne during my teen and mid 20s so the fact that once in a while i get a zit or two is fine. Also my face is relatively oily but definitely not as it was before accutane.

That's it. I know i promised a photo but i don't take much photos and the few are on my phone. For next time! i don't know summer is here and who knows if acne is going to return. First time i tried accutane it got bad little by little until full blown out nasty acne that after 2-3 years i found myself returning to the dermatologist. Hopefully my age and hormones decreasing doesn't allow that.

That's all, until next time!


Post Accutane Day 116

Well folks after going weeks without any pimple i got one two days ago, it was a painful little whitehead, i popped and it went away in a day. Not bad considering it's been weeks since i got any blemish. My current regimen is the same as described in the last post. Also, it's cool that i went the entire Summer with clear skin! Also now that fall is here ive noticed my skin isn't as oily as it was during the summer, which was definitely way less than pre-accutane. nothing else, everything is cool. I'm gonna disappear for a while unless something major happens to my skin like all of a sudden accutane helps mother nature to kick in and i finally stop getting any blemish or acne returns! Who knows. Also in the next entry i promise to put a picture of myself in this famous blog

Post Accutane Day 91, 3 Months!

Surprisingly i haven't had a pimple in like a month. I had this tiny whitehead but it went away the same day. My regimen just includes washing my face with Clean and Clear 10% BP during the morning and at night with regular facewash and on random nights apply Retin A. My face is slightly oily but with summer winding down it's great to say that my face has been clear all summer. It would be great if this remains like this but one can never be too optimistic.

Post Accutane Day 63

Same regimen. Morning 10% Clean and Clear Benzoyl peroxide. At night regular Clean and Clear face wash followed by Retin A. Results so far? My skin had been clear until this weekend when i got this cyst-like bump on my right cheek but it ended up turning into a small white head. It's going away but leaving a dark spot. That's it. I am grateful for how it is now but i'd rather not have any kind of blemish on my skin. The oil on my face is mild perhaps due to the warm weather and humidity but is manageable for now. That's all.

Post Accutane Day 45 (With New Regimen)

I currently have no acne on my face. It's smooth and clear. Last week i had a little lump on my cheek but it went away in two days. Perhaps it's all better because of my new regimen: clean and clear BP 10% during the morning, regular Clean and Clear facewash at night followed by Rentin A. It dries my skin after each wash but then oil returns but i have to say, my face isn't as oily as before the 2nd course of accutane AND DEFINITELY not as oily as before as the first time i used accutane. Don't know it's only day 45 post accutane, i don't know if acne will return in the future once i run out of Retin A or once i stop using BP 10%. It would be great just to wash your face with regular face wash. However, really great to enjoy the summer not having to worry about your face except for the regimen. That's all for now

Post Accutane Day 30

Hello, Well i finished my last pill of accutane 30 days ago, i did two months only and the last month i took on my own will for like 6 months, anyway... When i just stopped taking accutane i had like 3 little white head and last week i had a bump on my cheek that quickly went away. That's it. Not bad. And my oil has been a little bit above normal considering it's summer and i live in a very humid city. My regimen has been washing with regular face wash (clean & clear) micro sub day and night but last night i started using Rentin A during the nights. I had Retin A from last summer that i still have half of bottle. It expires in 2016 so might as well finish it. All the accutane side effects are gone; i even lost 10 lbs and am 5 lbs away from being back to normal. I havent seen my dermatologist since February when she took me out of Accutane. So far so good.

Absolutely Finished Accutane, Post-Accutane Day 1

1st month (October, 2014) - 60mg/day 2nd month (November, 2014-June 1st 2015)- 80mg/ day taking within the span of 7 months Eventhough i haven't had a cyst in like 5 months, oil has started to return to a moderate level. Considering i have been taking, on my own accord, accutane once in a while, skipping days, even weeks i think it would have been best to forever take accutane with small doses here and there. It has absolutely worked great. I will talk to my dermatologist next time around. Hopefully by then nature would have taken its course. my daily regimen has included washing face with regular water in the morning and regular facewash at night but now that i don't have accutane anymore i'll start by washing face morning and night with regular face wash. Actually i have Tretinoin (0.5%) that i was prescribed a month prior to accutane and doesn't expire 'til next year. I will start using it starting next week. That's it i guess. I will update 2-3 times/ month

Last 5 Pills Of Accutane!

I've been dispersing my accutane pills for the 2nd month of December 2014 and now finally im down to my last 5 pills of 40mg. Once again, i gotta mention i have been out of Dermatologist care since February, 2015, since i asked the doctor to take me out of Accutane due to very bad side effects. So it's been a month since i have taken 5 accutane pills and i don't know if it's the summer or the accutane dissipating from my system but oil has definitely been returning. However, i havent broken out this last month except for two little white heads that quickly went away. My regimen has still been regular facewash, Clean & Clear, and regular warm water in the morning. And no cysts for like the past 5 months! Oh well it was good while it lasted. By the way all side effects went away like late January and the only side effect that perhaps remains is me being FAT. Never in my life have i been this chubby (gained 15lbs) and it won't go away no matter my diet or exercise. Usually exercising and dieting will very quickly rid of this fat. This is a different kind of fat due to high lips, cholesterol, triglycerides in my system 'cause of Accutane. Anyway, i will report back in a week or so. Laters.

Last 10 Pills Of Accutane

First month: 60mg/day second month: 80mg/day for the past 4 months SAD TIMES, Well i am down to my last 10 pills of Accutane. I have been on my 2nd month since December 2014 and have been out of Dermatologist care since February but i am finishing up my last pills from my second month. The last time i took 5-days of accutane pills was late March and went 5 weeks without taking any pill and guess what? Oil returned! It returned to not a significant amount but i'm sure after 2-3 months it will return to its pre-accutane level. Sigh. The only good news is that i haven't broken out for the past 4 months! although i did get two little bumps which quickly went away. I'm still on the morning regular warm water and night regular clean and clear facewash. I really don't wanna go back to using Benzoyl Peroxide as it tends to make my skin oiler. Anyway, i am taking my last 10 pills slowly. Tomorrow i will take my 5th, i will wait two weeks and take my last 5 of 40mg. AND THEN i don't know!




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Finished Accutane But Still Taking Pills Here And There

Hmm interesting stuff, so you know i have been taking Accutane here and there for the past 5 months, though only of two months supply. Had to end it early because of side effects and stuff. So i have 5 pills left, i took five pills 3 weeks ago and my skin has remained dry. Usually i would stop taking it for two weeks and oil would return. After three weeks my skin is scaly dry, specially on my cheeks, very noticeable too. Interesting, could my oil glands have adopted to dryness rather than trying to come back again? As far as acne i had two little pimples in the past 4 months but they quickly went away. My regimen is still regular warm water in the morning and regular face wash at night, Clean and Clear. I still have 5 pills lefts and as soon as my cheeks stop being dry i will take my last 5 pills. By the way im not under the care of the dermatologist anymore. Social life has been great, great not to have to worry about acne, but the funny thing is when i was on accutane and with bad side effects i was dating women like crazy, almost every week a new girl, had to run to the bathroom after 15 minutes of making out, my lips were irritated etc. now that the side effects are gone but my skin is still dry i haven't had a date in 4 months...haha that's life.

Finished 2Nd Course Of Accutane But Day 55

Sigh. So tonight showering i noticed the first pimple on my face after like 3 months of not getting one. Before i just had one little zit but this one is a midsized lump. I touch it and press on it but it doesn't hurt. Hopefully it's just a mosquito bite, don't know yet. Since like my 15thday day of pills, which was sometime around mid November 2014 my regimen has only consisted of regular facewash at night and plain water during the mornings, perhaps i should start considering adding some acne facewash. I only have five pills left of accutane left. Took my 55th day of pill on March 22 and hoping to take the last 5 later April. For anyone reading this i am not under the care of a dermatologist anymore. Due to side effects, since late December, 2014 i've been taking Accutane whenever i wanted. Don't know but everytime i take the pills by face dries up but oil starts returning soon after. Summer is around the corner gotta hope for the best. Peace

Finished 2Nd Course Of Accutane But Day 52

To recapitulate, i started Accutane on November 1 and i PERSONALLY ended it late December for side effect reasons. And last month, February, my dermatologist officially ended it. Since Late December i have been taking my 2nd month 30 day of pills randomly. For example i have 10 days of pills left, which i started taking yesterday again so i'm on day 52. I'm only gonna take until day 55 and take the Last 5 days of pills sometime mid April or so. Hopefully it doesn't affect my liver since i'm off dermatologist care. I did see my dermatologist last month and she prescribed me Epiduo, but it costs like $350 for a small ointment. Forget it! The Good News is that i haven't had a cyst for like three months now. The Bad News is that after i stop taking accutane, after two weeks oil starts returning, and also after like three months i did get this tiny little zit on my right cheek. Sigh, i guess this means that after i am done with all my pills that i am prolonging, my skin is gonna get oily and acne return. It's currently not bad though, i only got a tiny zit eventhough for the past three months i've only been washing my face with regular Clean and Clear face wash at night and plain Water in the morning. No need for BP yet, hopefully never. As far as side effects the only ones that remain is somewhat my dry lips, the fact that i gained 15 lbs, and i seem to be angrier than usual. That's it folks.

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 50) Finished Treatment Part Ii

So it's been two months and a half since i've broken up! As many may already know i took accutane, started my own regimine due to harsh side effects and eventually ended. I realized i still have 10 pills left, so i think i will take 5 on April and 5 on May. I already saw my dermatologist last week and she stopped my treatment but i don't think taking 5-5 in two months will do any harm correct? Hope not. Gotta prepare for summer.,.. yup, summer! What is up with the sebaceous glands and summer! I know i will most certainly be oily, hopefully not as bad as before but still oil returned this first time i took accutane and since i only took 50 days of pills it's likely yo return. Who know's what's gonna happen, funny how my cheeks are still a bit scaly though, but it has been a very cold winter in the northeast, perhaps that has helped me not break up for weeks now. Oh yes and i forgot to mention, i have gained 15 lbs while on accutane!!! Don't know if it was the accutane but i've never been this fat before. I used to be 154lbs most of my life, now i'm 169 lbs. Well time to hit a sport. Peace.




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2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 50) Finished Treatment

Hello cool people, I have good news and bad news ... It's been a month and a half since i posted and i FINALLY went to see my dermatologist.... So today could have my 3 months and 3 weeks on accutane, or roughly 115th day on accutane but instead the past four months since i started accutane i have been taking accutane whenever i can and wanted. I did my firs tmonth straight 30 days of pills and my last 2nd month i dispersed it taking an average of 10 pills/ month. Of course this wasn't my doctor's regimine or treatment, because of harsh side effects i took it upon myself. Yesterday my Doctor said.... The Bad News: My doctor OFFICIALLY stopped me on Accutane.I told her that this second time around the side effects were much harsher, my skin was beyong dry, scaly despite moisturizer, and my lips were so swollen like i had botox, also it itched so badly around my lips, turning very red. SHE SAID it was okay, that some people experience much worse symptoms, but that if i stopped taking accutane i should have told her immediately as this drug is very closely monitored by the government. She then started a regimen for me and prescribed me differin for use once a day. I heard of Differin, i wonder if it works. Doctor said my skin chemistry is different now and all anti-acne topical treatment will work more. The Good News: I haven't broken out in over two months! Maybe these 50 days of pills will do the trick, the first time i took accutane i broke up 3 weeks to finishing my 5-month accutane treatment, which i took religiously going not one day without missing a pill. After a 6 months acne returned and after 2-3 years all hell broke lose again. Hopefully now it has much better long term results. Finally, after two months i have seen oil return though. So much so that when i touch my face after a long day, i can see oil residue. It's not bad but considering how dry it was while on accutane it's kinda alarming. Hmmm. I don't know. Well i'll check in at acne.org once or twice a month with some updates on Differin and post accutane posts. PEACE.

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 42)

1st month: 60mg/day 2nd month: 80mg/day My lips have gotten much better that it doesn't irritate and burn when it's not moisturized. Probably because i haven't taken Accutane in like 3 weeks. So yesterday i continued... The flakiness in my skin has also subsided, perhaps also because i only wash my face at night with face wash and not in the mornings. Still i'll say in the past 5 weeks i only had little spot on my left cheeck, which quickly went away. I've also gained about 7 lbs since i started Accutane, i'm more hungry too. Next week i'll definitely go see my dermatologist. I don't know what she's gonna say but i have some questions like: "if i stop continuously for days and even weeks, will this affect treatment?" "Will the second go around have better and faster results?" "Why does the second time have harsher side effects?" "How's my liver?" I'm not gonna post until i go see my doctor, until then i'm gonna take accutane until i see her, see how quickly the side effects come back and so she could see the severity of the side effects. Getting pills for the third month is still in question.

16 Days Post Accutane

1st month 60mg/day 2nd month 80mg/day So i was doing my 2nd course of accutane and only did 40 days of it for various reasons. In the past 28 days i only got a little dot on my cheek, and i stopped accutane 16 days ago and my face is still scaly and ashy, my lips are still a bit swollen and i have this dry skin itch below my lower lips that won't go away, i have to slather that small part like crazy during night and when i wake up it's dry. I haven't seen my dermatologist in over a month but i've decided to stop it, i just couldn't handle it this time. The side effects were stronger than the first time. The first time i took it my face was never scaly or ashy, just smooth. Who knows if my acne is gone but the fact that i havent been getting it despite me getting drunk and not washing my face, despite me having dust all over it (i had a construction project last month). WHO KNOWS! I got my blood test done yesterday and will see my dermatologist just to verify everything is okay and ask her questions. Anyway you people were of no help. I get 100+ views for each post and each time i've asked for advice or experiences and people just stop by and never comment.




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2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 40)

1st month: 60mg/day 2nd month: 80mg/day I haven't broken out in 17 days!!! But i don't think i can continue taking accutane anymore... For the past month i've only been taking accutane 4 days per week and still have like flaky skin and very dry lips. Last weekend i met a girl and had A LOT OF SEX, and this had negative consequences for my lips, it's almost a week now and my lips are very swollen i look like i had botox. I don't know when i'm gonna take my 41st day of pill, i don't feel like taking it anymore, but it's weird that a lot of people continue to break out late into the treatment and i have been acne free for 17 days, i know i have to talk to my dermatologist and i wont see her until late next week, but do you think i can stop now? Does it help that i took accutane 6 years ago? I dont think i can finish the 5 months of accutane treatment, i mean i'm missing days already to calm side effects, what if i took it everyday? I can just imagine, ALL flaky, nosebleeds, damaged lips, probably other stuff going on internally. I haven't taken accutane in 5 days and won't until my very swollen lips calm down

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 36)

1st month: 60mg/day 2nd month: 80mg/day Quick update. The first time i took accutane it went smoothly, except for the lip thing. This second time around i experienced lip blisters and very flaky skin in the first month so much so that i should be in the middle of my second month, instead i started my own regimen of taking accutane 3-4days/week and the results? I haven't broken out in 8 days! I think i have something trying to grow on my jaw but let's see what happens. taking accutane 3-4days/week got rid of the flaky skin, eczema on my right hand, and blisters on my lips. My skin isnt dry but it isn't oily either, feels smooth. My nose bleeds have stopped too. NOW this is my own regimen, not my Doctor's. I will see my Doctor in two weeks and will let her know that i've only been taking accutane 3-4days/week. How will this effect remission, cumulative dose, etc.? If this is okay and allowed by doctor, i may be finishing treatment in 7 months! A little too long. THat's it for now.

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 31)

1st month: 60mg/day 2nd month: 80mg/day RECAP What a first MONTH! I got all the classic side effects and it was only the first month:eczema on my right hand, bloody nose, flaky skin on face, and little cold sores on my lips! I stopped taking accutane for seven days, took it for two days, and stopped taking accutane again for two days but i finished first month. I did get pimples during the first month but not as much as some people have. When i stopped taking accutane for a week my skin got less flaky and some nonvisible oil returned. Currently right now i have two red spots that are trying to form on my left cheek and just popped a big cyst on my right cheek. It wouldn't stop oozing with blood. I know they say you shouldn't pop your pimples but what else are you supposed when it's not gonna shrink and ready to come out by itself at moment's notice. Also, i have been drinking the first month, twice i got really drunk. This was mostly when i stopped taking accutane. Still it was absolutely stupid. Won't anymore until a month after i stop accutane. I've cut down on works hrs because of these darn side effects. I was gonna put some pictures but what's the point it's not like you people looking at it is gonna make things better. This is the accutane talking perhaps. Right now my lips are feeling fine, there's no little cold sores, so i resumed month two. i don't know if it will come back but i have a new regimen that hopefully works. But if i had such a awful first month what will happen now that i am doing 80mg/day?

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 29)

1st month: 60mg/day Hello. Stil on Day 29. I haven't taken accutane in a week, but will continue taking starting tomorrow. My lips has gotten a little better but not completely, perhaps by tomorrow it will be much better. Crazy stuff man, i've never in my life had cold sores and it's taking so long to heal, what if it resumes when i continue taking Accutane? Anyone know any experiences? Will asking doctor for valtrex work? Since i haven't taken accutane in a week, i've started to notice oil somewhat returning on my nose and around my nose, yet the side of my face is still very dry and flaky. I currently only have this little pimple on the side of my face. Still gotta go get medicine for 2nd month, i think my prescription even expired. Gotta call doctor. I'll post some pictures after i finish my first month, please don't get scared.

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 29)

Well i'm stopping accutane for a while, probably for a week. I went to see the doctor yesterday and she said my blood results came up a bit high. My lips were fine then but after i went to play some sports and drank afterwards. Soon after i started to see little dots in my lips that burned. Today i realized they were COLD SORES! AGAIN! I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN COLD SORES IN MY LIFE, ONLY TIME WAS WHEN I WAS ON ACCUTANE THE FIRST TIME AND NOW!!!It's my fault. I have been careless about my lips, even smoking, dating, and making out. People, don't forget 65-70% of people have cold sores, Accutane decreases immune system and making out will only trigger the virus. It's Thanksgiving i can't get pre-auth for my second month, which my dermatologist upgraded to 80mg/day, so i'm gonna rest my body and especially lips. Gonna wait til tiny cold sores flake out and start anew sometime next week. Lesson learned!!!!!!!!!!!! Also i have gained about 6lbs live since i started accutane and this probably also drastically increased triglyceride levels. Stopping accutane for a week won't affect treatment as the cumulative is what's important, only means i will lenghten treatment. So pissed right now, after my three cysts got cortisone shots i have no active pimples. First time on accutane i had sex, now i made out with a woman, it's stupid, before accutane nobody wanted to go out with me despite on some occassions having clear skin. It's like life is playing games on me. For the next week i'm just gonna go see some friends, have a stupid date, so i'll be drinking and stuff. Once this lip issue goes away gonna absolutely leave all vices and take this treatment seriously!!!!! Still last time i did 5 months, took pills twice a day religiously nonstop and still got acne months later. Maybe this is a good thing, blah




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2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 27)

1st month: 60mg/day I went to get my blood work done today, i hope it comes okay considering i have been drinking these days, 4-6 beers/ week. I just couldn't help it; friends, it's the holidays, several dates, i haven't told anyone yet that i'm on Accutane. Gonna go cold turkey on alcohol after Thanksgiving. I currently have two cysts, and one regular pimple on my face. One cyst refuses to go away, it's dark and unpopable for some reason and it's been there for like a week and the other one too. Usually stuff like this would be in my face for max 3 days. My face is still very dry but less disturbing since ive started using Aquaphor (miracle cream) on parts that flake. Nose isn't that dry yet. Eyes get dry if i stare too much at the computer screen. My lips are very dry and a bit swollen. Sucks. And the eczema on my hands is being controlled by Eucerin, not bad yet for Aquaphor. I'm not sure when i'm gonna get the Accutane for the 2nd month, or if i'm gonna get at all if blood test comes up bad or problem with the insurance.

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 23)

1st month: 60mg/day I just came from a date, made out with her the whole last half an hour. After she left i just slathered my lips with aquaphor(?) for fear that i would get some kind of infection due to its sensitivity. Ive had a somewhat of an initial breakout on my right cheek, i keep getting pimples there. My whole body is still dry and absolutely annoying. I have to get my blood work sometime early next week and see my dermatologist. I have a bunch of questions to ask. It's super cold where i am and my face turns very red for some reason, i look like an apple most of the time. My eyes are dry. Once again, this is too much for even the first month. I have also stopped washing my face with regular facewash. It was making my face absolutely dry. Great, at first my face is super oily and now it's super dry, why can't i just have normal skin? Sigh.




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2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 22)

1st month: 60mg/ day My entire body is dry, my face is extremely dry, my lips too. I developed three giant pimples on my right cheeck. I am now just using regular facewash but gonna start using no facewash at all since it's drying up badly. I remember first time i didn't use any face moisturizer but i have to start now. Absolutely annoying during work, freaking lips too very dry; ive stopped using chapstick now using a more powerful cream and it's only month 1! I was thinking of stopping accutane, it's freaking interfering with work and i need the long hours to eat and stuff, and this is only not even the first month. Before i ask my doctor, does anyone know if i can stop accutane for like two weeks and then resume? Can't i just do 3-4 months and be okay if i don't reach cumulative dose?