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Oily Skin/retinoids/skin Damage

It's commonly accepted that high androgen production contributes to oil production, which clogs up your pores, which leads to inflammation, etc. This is why dermatologists push birth control on me; they see that my skin is oily so obviously I must have a hormonal imbalance. Typical dermatologist visit (for me at least). This was probably true when I was a teenager going through puberty because my skin was oiler than the other kids and I would get small inflamed pustules all over my face. I

My Experience With Epsom Salt (Topical)

I washed my face with Epsom salt after reading reviews about how it cleared up a lot of people's acne by drawing out the skin's toxins. People also say that magnesium and sulphate are great for your skin! On an aside, I also drank it once for a liver cleanse, and it tasted nasty. Something else I did was add a spoon of it to a glass of tap water for rinsing my face because I read that it can help reduce the harshness of chemicals in water (I don't know if that's really true or not). For a


Epiduo cleared up my skin after stopping antibiotics and I was so confident for months! I feel like it's an endless cycle trying to fix your skin with pharmaceuticals and the big drug companies are milking it. Creams and pills really hurt my skin, so then I had to use another cream to clear it up... The pharmacist told me to use a gentle cleanser like Spectro while using it, and I'm so thankful she cared enough to tell me that, because it probably contributed to me not having that awful ir




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Before, During, And After Trimethoprim

My skin wasn't even that bad before taking antibiotics (both times)! Sometimes I feel like repeatedly hitting myself in the mouth for taking these pills. I should also note that I used aczone and differin XP for the duration and kept using them for a bit after stopping the antibiotics until the creams stopped working. The antibiotic didn't start making my face completely clear until about two months in. I had to take 200mg twice a day, then eventually just once a day. There was a point abo

My Acne...

In high school my acne was mild/moderate and was on my forehead, cheeks, and chin in clusters of red papules and pustules. I used a variety of medicated facewashes, including proactiv, which worked to some extent but made my skin overly dry (even though I have oily skin). Plus it was way too expensive for just ok results! Then began my foray into both over-the-counter and prescription creams including: Benzaclin Retin-A Spectro Clearasil Clean & Clear Like proactiv
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