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Better Late Than Never ! Day 96( Week 14)

Hello Fellow Taners, I have been silently popping pill after pill for about 96 days now and could no longer keep to myself. And NO! not here to vent but just nice to be able to interact with peers on the same ride. Trying not to stress much over the slow going progress, half way there now, time definitely didn't just fly by as for many of you out there. Skin status is- I haven't broken out much since about a month, if any have surfaced they have been very small in size and disappear in a day or two Although the blackheads are being very troublesome over my forehead and a few around the face. They are overall just slowing down the healing process over all.. Skin continues to remain quite red, was asked how I managed to look so sunburnt in a heavy monsoon season :-/ Any suggestions on combating the blackheads? Besides the usual dry lips, itchy skin all over. Guys, I am a bit beat today I am not very happy about my skin and although not hurtful physically, emotionally the meds are taking a toll but I have decided to continue fighting and stay strong. exactly 2 months from now my fiancé is visiting me from overseas, so heres to Hoping for a better skin CHEERS *clink* And oh yes! as a rule I look at the mirror ONLY and ONLY once a day! It kind of helps me to keep myself from stressing over changes (or not) on the face. Wishing you all a lovely lovely day ahead! xxP




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