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Beginning The Caveman Regimen

So, I am 18 years old, and I have been fighting acne since I hit puberty. My case of acne may not be as severe as others, but it's enough to make me try all sorts of remedies and chemical mixtures to heal it. I have tried Proactiv, the acne.org regimen, a variety of other cleansers, some harsh face wash my mom's dermatologist gave her to give to me... I have been through quite a few things, and nothing really works. The only time I really notice I have wonderful skin is in the summer when I'm up at my cousin's cottage. There I only washed my face with water, went tanning and swimming, and put coconut oil on my face if I was afraid of getting burnt. And every single time I come home my skin is wonderful and radiant... and then it goes back to the crappy state it was before. A few things could be the cause for this healed skin- no cleansers used on my face, no stress, exercise from swimming and walking, and sun exposure (vitamin D). Because whenever I come back home, I either have stress, used some sort of cleanser/wash my face incessantly with water, I'm not exercising very much, or I'm not outside enough (I'm typing this from inside my house.. I SHOULD BE OUTSIDE!). I digress. The past few days I've been doing a lot of research on acne and the health aspect of it. I am vegan and have been for a year and a half. I thought giving up meat and dairy was going to cure me of my acne.. Well it didn't. It did help me out with digestion and such though, so atleast my inner body is happy. Outer? Not so much. I did read in this article though, that around puberty all the nutrients from one's diet is sent to their sex organs and the remainder gets sent to the sebaceous glands in the face... Which means acne for all! Well not really, but for many. I swear, that article was a godsend. It taught me about the sebaceous glands and how they work.. What the acid mantle is... It was wonderful! And then somehow I came across the Caveman Regimen. This regimen has gotten a lot more positive than negative reinforcement and I thought to myself.. Hm, why not? I've tried so many things... Why not... NOT try something! If that makes sense... Anyway, so the reason I came to the conclusion that this is a worthwhile routine is because, think about it... Every time you get out of the hot shower, water has been streaming down your face, steaming it and you get out and BAM... Your skin looks blotchy and red! All of my acne was so inflamed after a hot shower and it makes sense because you are stripping your acid mantle. (Seriously, I suggest reading the article I linked above because WOW did it begin a healing journey.) Also, for quite a long time now, I noticed that whenever I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror before washing or doing anything to my face... It actually looked good! Any spots I had didn't look so inflamed and gross... I was super impressed... but then I'd wash my face and it would go back to being BLEH. SO. I will be pairing this Caveman Regimen with a healthy diet, plenty of water, exercise, and lots of sleep! Hopefully it works out for me. Day one: I have not washed my face this morning, and I have some breakouts.. Three main ones. One small whitehead over my left eyebrow near my T-zone. And two whiteheads on either side of my mouth near my smile lines... Like the angel bites piercing.. EXCEPT PIMPLES UGH. Overall, my skin is bumpy and oily... A wonderful combination. I hope this works out for me... Gotta stay positive! The picture I'm attaching is one I took just now.. You can see where my breakouts are and how oily my skin is. It's taking a lot for me to post it because... ew. But I need to in order to see the changes that happen. Here we go!




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