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My Acne Scar Journey

Hey everybody! I decided to post again with some pics this time. I sounded like a damn cry baby in my first blog, I know...lol. Hopefully through this one I can give you some hope and to let you know you are not alone. The pics that I am about to post are about to months apart. The left side is before and the right one is after. My current regimen is Ambi face wash 2-3 times a day, neutrogena facial toner 1-2 times a day, palmers night renewal cream at bed time, palmers eventone fade cream at be




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Scars Causing Depression ):

Ok, so I'm new to this site. I kinda stumbled into it while researching how to perform an at home chemical peel [which went really well by the way]. I began going through some of the blogs and right away was able to relate to a majority of people on here. I've been battling acne from high school well into my late 20s... it sucks. I noticed though that the outbreaks I would get up until 2 years ago where of the cystic type. Very painful and very hideous. After I began to get a bit of a handle




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