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Update On Honey And Licorice To Clear Skin

Hello all! Been a few months. Just wanted to update my progress. I stopped doing the honey and switched to a moisturizer after the worst of the 'crepe-paper' look that my forehead in particular had was gone. My skin has improved 85% from where it was even three months ago. The licorice (now I take less, 2 capsules of 450 mg a day) settled my hormones and resulted in clear skin (mostly) for me. I used to have this permanent inflamed look to my skin all over it and that is gone. I have at a





Week 2 On My (Successful) New Regimen

Greetings All! I have never written on the site before but have referred to it soooo many times that I feel like I have to give back now that I have found some success. First about me: I'm a 28-year old female who had mild acne from 13-17 (T-zone), which then advanced to moderate acne (it hit my cheeks). Nothing worked, or it worked with reduced effectivity: Tazorac; Retin-A; Differin; antibiotics, BP, etc. At 19 I found B5 blogs that suggested it would inhibit the production of sebum an




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