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3 Weeks Regimen

REGIMEN: morning -- wash (neutrogena gentle cleanser), benzoyl peroxide, moisturizer (cerave) + sunscreen night -- wash, veltin (whole face every other day), moisturizer (cerave pm) started 4/4/14 4/8/14: dry and flaky, greasy looking, hurts. 4/12: flaky, greasy looking, looks clearer though. broke out on chin (4 pimps) but they're leaving quickly. scars look a little better. 4/14: really, really flaky. rubbed moisturizer in for half an hour and lots of skin came off. chin pimps clearing up, only one active left. forehead and unibrow area is feeling break-outy. overall pretty good feeling, especially skin underneath dead skin. 4/17: skin looked good in morning, so i left veltin/moisturizer on and just went to school. MISTAKE … 4/18: skin literally falling off of face, entire face came off basically. by the end of the day, 8 or 9 whiteheads, big pimps on temples and brow, chin. veltin on dry forehead, veltin on rest of face moisturized. 4/19: forehead drying out. rest of face looking better. cheeks totally clear, scars fading. chin pimps still active but drying out 4/21: still good. some clogged pores n blackheads but pimples aren't coming up; dying underneath i guess. eyes are still REAL dry 4/26: skin not too dry anymore, but out of good moisturizer. skin is full of pimps but not very many active ones - just lots of red dots + scars. 4/27: broke out on chin and cheek. might be PMS. amazon mess-up with moisturizer, so bought CeraVe moisturizing lotion and PM. did cerave PM under veltin, skin feels a little greasy, skin pimples are raging. (do veltin under moisturizer from now on; skin has adjusted to dryness i think.)