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Day 2

I new regimen is going well! I completely over did it with the trentinoin cream on the first use and have unfortunately suffered immensely because of it. I have really put my skin through the ringer in the past with some pretty harsh products, so I was positive that my skin could handle a good amount of trentinoin cream, but I was soooo sooo wrong. My skin was sooo irritated the day after first use that I had to completely stop using it for three days so that it could heal. It has now healed and last night was my second use. I used the tiniest amount and followed it up with Burt's Bees Night Cream (my fav!) and my skins looks and feels sooo much better this morning. The first "peel" did amazing things for my skin though. It is already much smoother and a lot of the closed comedomes around my chin have disappeared. All of the active acne is now just hyperpigmentation. So, it still looks bad without makeup, but looks perfect with makeup. YAY! After my initial mishap, I did a lot of research on trentinoin cream and have decided to use only tiny amounts on affected areas only. I work face to face with clients all day and just cannot go without makeup. Right now, the affected areas are my jawline, both cheek bones and right temple. I will also be following up each use with Burt's Bees Night Cream 1-2 hours AFTER application. I know that doing it this way is going to take longer, but I just can't deal with not being able to wear makeup. Once those areas have improved and become adjusted, then I will move on to treating the other areas of my face. I would rather have a few flakey areas on my face than a full face of flakes, kwim? My jawline is really the only area where I am getting actives. My cheek bones and temple are scarred from past breakouts, so I am really hoping the trentinoin cream will help to lessen the scarring. Fingers crossed. As for my back, chest, shoulders and upper arms... I am going full force on those areas. I am using a pea sized amount on each of those areas and although they are definitely dry, they have yet to peel. My shoulders, back and upper arms are clearing up beautifully, I would say they are at least 50% better than they were before I started, but my poor chest... it is more broken out now than it was when I started. So far, that is the only "purging" I have experienced. I just really really really want to be able to wear a bathing suit and tank tops this summer. My boyfriend has been trying to get me to rent a cabin in the mountains with a hot tub for a romantic weekend and I keep making up excuses why I can't go. He has no idea that my back, chest, shoulders and upper arms are broken out. I told him when we first started dating that I am battling an ongoing "rash" caused by a medication and that it since has gotten infected. He's been really sweet about it, but I feel terrible that I am lying to him and that I have refused to take my shirt off in front of him. It definitely makes "sexy time" less sexy. Poor guy! I spoke with a friend who is on her second round of accutance yesterday. Her first round she was on a strong dose and it came very close to clearing up her acne completely. She stopped taking it for a little over a year and started back a month ago on a very low dose and she said that it is doing wonders for her skin. I've been on accutance before and had decent results, but stopped after 6 months for a lot of reasons. I am thinking about possibly going back on it on a very low dose here in a month or so depending on how the tretinoin cream does. Anywho, so far, so good. I am happy with my results so far. I am really hoping that I don't experience anymore purging. I would post pictures, but my face doesn't really look any different... it just feels different... smoother! ~ Audabby




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Annnnnd The Journey Begins...

So, I have been using DKR for exactly 7 months today. Although it has cured my cystic acne and lessened the size and duration of normal breakouts, it has not stopped normal breakouts from coming, which is very disappointing as I really thought DKR was going to be "it" for me. Over the last few months, I have been doing a lot of research trying to come up with an answer as to why I started to experience adult onset acne when I was 24. Up until that point, I truly had crystal clear skin... not even a blackhead. I still remember all of my friends in middle school, high school and college coming to me for advice on how to have "perfect skin" and then following my stridex pad/witch hazel/mint julep masque regimen like it was a religion. Ha! If they could only see me now! Anywho, after the birth of my second child, my PCP suggested that I start using a birth control. I didn't want anymore kids and it made sense so I agreed. Worst mistake of my life! I know that the topic is controversial, but I truly believe that BC caused the PCOS I have recently been diagnosed with. I strongly urge any woman who has adult onset acne following the discontinuation of BC to insist on being tested for PCOS. My PCP was shocked when my results came back positive as the ONLY symptom I have of PCOS is acne. Anywho, after receiving my PCOS diagnosis, I went back to my dermotologist and we came up with a new plan of attack as follows: 125mg Spiroloactone (75mg in the morning and 50mg at night)
1000mg Cephalexin (500mg in the monring and 500mg at night)
0.1% Tretinion Cream (applied at night)
DKR (applied in the morning, including AHA)

I have been on the Cephalexin for 10 days now and my inflammation has definitely decreased. I started the Tretinoin Cream 2 days ago and it seems to be working its magic beautifully. I was on Spiro for about a year before being diagnosed with PCOS because my dermotologist thought that it would help. About a year into taking it, I ended up getting very sick and had emergency life saving surgery. During that time, I took myself off of the Spiro cold turkey as I was having a hard time keeping anything down and wasn't sure if it was really helping. About a month after coming off of it, I broke out terribly on my face, back, upper arms and shoulders. I've never had issues with "bacne" before. It is absolutely awful. I HATE being restricted in what I can wear and with summer coming, this is my #1 issue. I can hide facial acne fairly easily. I am a makeup pro at this point in the game, but how do you hide bacne?!?

Acne is a horrible, horrible thing for anyone to have to live through. I would not wish acne on my worst enemy. I thought my acne was bad before coming off of Spiro... I had no idea how bad it could actually get until now. So now, my new journey begins and I am VERY hopeful!

My regimen will be as follows:

AM: Wash with cetaphil (bare hands)
Witch hazel
DKR treatment
DKR moisterizer + 1 drop of jojoba oil + 1 drop vitamin e oil

PM: Wash with ceptaphil (bare hands) to remove makeup
Wash with Neutrogene Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleaner (clarisonic)
Witch hazel
DKR moisterizer + 5 drops of jojoba oil + 3 drops of vitamin e oil
Tretinoin Cream
DKR moisterizer
Weekly: [*]Min Julep Masque 2x per week Supplements/Water: [*]Vitamin C (500mg daily) [*]Vitamin D3 (1000iu daily [*]Fish Oil (600mg daily) [*]Zinc (50mg daily) [*]Cinnamon (2000mg daily) [*]Water intake (3 liters daily) In a month or so, I will also be starting a series of Obaji Blue Peels. I am not sure how frequent those will be, but as frequently as my dermotologist will let me as I have had excellent results with them in the past. After that I will be looking into laser skin resurfacing for scars. Cheers to hopeful clear skin! ~ Audabby




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