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Soo, I thought I would follow my first entry up with some fotos from the first week of my regime. I had started using BP a few days before adding Paula's Choice BHA 2% because that needed to be shipped to me. There was incredible peeling after the first day. In fact I could almost not move my face bc of all the stuff coming off ( slightly disgusting sorry) could be resolved with a gentle mechanical exfoliation though. so here goes (first 2 are a side by side of one nights effect, as you can see, redness went away quickly, last one is a take of my dry skin on day 1 with make up) :




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Week 1 And Hello

Hey everyone, I signed up because I wanted to document my new regime and how it's going. And maybe also hear some opinions, experiences or just general banter I will post a history of my acne at some point but for now suffice it to say that I have struggled with it for more or less 10 years. It started n puberty and is still with me now at 25. (Although I was rid of it for about 3 years thanks to a really low dose of Accutane - really low..in the end I took one pill of 20mg once a week) Sadly though all good things have to come to an end so at one point my dermatologist decided it was time to go off it and after a few months my skin began to get worse again. So I consider this a more or less new start and hope I will be able to control my skin this time around. My regime is this (thumbnails of products are attached): AM : Cleanse ,Tone, Serum, Moisturize PM: Cleanse, Tone,Paula's Choice BHA 2%, Serum, Benzoylperoxide, Moisturize I will post some fotos of my progress as well. I have been doing this for a week and even though especially the PM seems like a lot of products it seems to be working. Redness and bumpiness have definitely decreased! (-> foto of what my skin was like before I started this regime attached now)