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My Acne Story

Dear Readers There's one thing in this world that probably hurts thee most is when you have bad acne as well as pigmentation marks all over your face and body TRUST me I know But through my whole process i have learned that acne does not define you it's who you are inside ... so don't let acne get the best of you I have had breakouts since I first started high school that's about 9 Years ago... Yes i'm 21 years old female and i'm all thee way from South Africa. Long story short... I have acne on both my cheeks down to my neck and what makes it worst is the pigmentation marks... At the age of 19 I began to go see a dermatologist and my first prescription was Ginette 35 contraceptive to control my acne from within (Hormones staff) I also got the Differin gel that i only used at night time before I go to bed and the derm said that i should minimum my exposure to sunlight so I used that medication for 6months and my acne did come and go i did see an improvement though. After the 6 months my derm told me to still use the Ginette and Differin gel but he also prescribe Antibiotics for only 3 months but yeah the medication didnt work and i started to get obsessed with my face tried every product on the market but ya NO RESULTS So FINALLY my derm prescribe ACCUTANE im super duper EXCITED but here in South Africa we call it Acnetane. I am on 20mg a day so that means 40mg and i should use it for 5 months. Keep well Ya'll Will keep you updated ♥

Accutane 20mg

Accutane 20mg


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