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2Nd Month Accutane - Still Going

I didn't know if I actually wanted to write about my accutane experience, but since I feel like I am not in the so-called norm I thought it would be good for others to hear about my experience. First and foremost, I am a 28 yr old male who has suffered with moderate acne throughout highschool, and mild acne throughout college and beyond. I chose accutane because I developed more of a psychological barrier to my acne throughout the last 5 to 6 years that has kept me living a semi-happy life. I am a 2nd year dental student and really started to feel the effects of acne starting to hinder my idea of being a professional. In my mind, I would be having conversations with faculty and other colleagues and wonder more about what they were thinking of my breakout/ acne instead of the conversation at hand. I have given accutane a lot of thought throughout the years, but the good and bad stories I heard online usually sent me running for the hills. The last 6 months or so, I honestly was more depressed about my skin, (which most people say I don't have acne at all) that it pushed me more to a breaking point. Being that I have suffered with stubborn persistent acne for roughly 15 years, I have tried countless and I mean countless over the counter/ prescriptions/ home remedies/ vitamins/ healthy eating/ and nothing worked. I wanted to get rid of acne once and for all, and after talking through it with my dermatologist he decided that accutane was available to me if I wanted it. I decided to go on a course of treatment, and with the proper blood work I started my first month last month in January. Overall, my experience with accutane has been relatively mild in terms of side-effects. The usual that is claimed has happened (very and I mean very dry lips, dry eyes, dry skin, my arms have dry skin a little bit too) For the first week or two I thought my head felt a little tight or cramped, but that has subsided. When talking with my dermatologist I was a little worried about having an initial breakout that everyone talks about on here, but he said people with mild acne like me probably won't see any major breakout. (The initial breakout is more of a "cleansing out" as he put it). Anyways, 2nd month in and I still have very dry lips and dry skin, but I haven't had any other side effects that I can notice. I have actively exercised almost everyday, (alternate doing insanity and p90x and various other exercises - I was also worried about this because of the musculoskeletal problems that accutane says it can cause, but I haven't had any problems to note. I for one, am feeling better and better each day knowing that hopefully I will have a cure for my acne once and for all. My dermatologist said that he wanted to keep me on accutane for 4 to 5 months, so hopefully my lips still have some skin on them by the end of this lol .... anyways - I'll update this probably from month to month - and I am currently using (aquaphor during the day for my lips, eucerin cream for my arms- neutrogena sensitive skin wash, and oil-free moisture) Isotretinoin - 40mg 2x daily.




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