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My Opinion Of Ayurvedic

the foods recommended raised blood sugar levels which worsened my acne. My skin is terrible,my back acne has also gotten worse as well. Insetad i am going to cut out all sugary foods and dairy foods. Also i am going to use the glycimex index to work out which foods wont significantly effect my blood sugar levels

Dosha Updates

Hello i have been cheatin a bit and have gorged on nutella- which has a lot of oil, and spicy chicken So im sorry i will post results in the nest 1- 1/2 weeks ish mY PLAN- eat yeast free wheat products avoid nightshades potatoes tomatoes, avoid oily spicy and processed or foods that need to be rewarmed and fried food. Eat in moderation 3-4 times a day dont over do it drink too much water or over eat I will post soon apologies

Foods That Cause Acne? Experiment

Hey people im new here . I had never had moderate or severe acne before but then in November last year i started developing cysts, pustules and papules. It would be a new one each day. so i joined acne.org FIRST OF ALL IF YOU FOLLOW THIS BLOG THEN BE WARNED THERE WILL BE A LOT OF SPELLING MISTAKES AND ERRORS NOT BECAUSE MY ENGLISH IS BAD(i do english as level) BUT BECAUSEE THIS LAPTOP IS MISSING SEVERAL KEYS. i am trying to figure out if acne is diet related. My diet before sev




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