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My ACNE.ORG Youtube video Review. SUBSCRIBE!!!!

HELLO Beautiful people. I recently uploaded a video about my 5 month experience using the 3 step regimen from Acne.org. (Attached is a link to that video) I discussed in great details my thoughts on the products, the side effects I endured, and much more. PLEASE check out my video and Subscribe to my channel for future updates. Feel free to explore my channel to watch other videos regarding my acne journey.  SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE. Stay Postive, Stay Determined, Stay Beautiful "It's N

Embrace Your Flaws

Embrace your flaws... It's time to stop beating yourself up over your imperfections, over your flaws, your insecurities. It's time to learn to love & appreciate yourself. It's time to look in the mirror & believe that "you are beautiful" that you are unstoppable & fearless! Stop feeding your fears with the opinions of others. So often we hold ourselves back because of what someone else thinks of us. Don't let people make you feel uncomfortable about being comfortable in you

I'm Feeling Good! Really Good!

Hello beautiful people, as always thanks for reading! I'll try to keep this one short & straight to it! Key word "I'll try" Ok, so basically to get to it, I'm feeling GOOOD! Like Im just happy. I feel more confident.... More understanding... Refreshed... Rejuvenated.. Appreciative...you know ALL that Good stuff. In my last post I gave you all an update on my skin, I talked about things I stopped doing & some things I started doing! Within the last month, I learned soooooo m

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Stay Strong! Self Confidence!

Like many of you, I have struggled with acne my entire life. However the last year and a half my struggle has become Severe. During the year of 2012 I suffered from a really bad breakout, & there forward the breakouts continued. I'm sure it got worse over time from using a countless number of products, unhealthy dieting, etc. However I remained confident, my acne wasn't a major difficultly in my life at the time. During the year of 2013, I begin the break down. Acne started to surface a

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