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Soul Destroying Acne

Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to this site but after watching several YouTube videos posted by people who consistently just moan about how awful acne is, I thought I would see if I could find some more inspirational words on here. Let me introduce myself a little bit and tell you about my story... I'm currently 25 years old and pretty much up until a year ago, I've always had pretty flawless skin with minimum effort involved. I always wore a ton of make-up, never washed my face, wore make up to bed, never moisturised etc etc and still managed to get away with just having the odd spot around the time of my period. About 18 months ago I started noticing that the spots were getting more frequent and sticking around for much longer. I still found it pretty easy to cope with at this point as it literally was maybe a couple of spots at a time which could easily be covered up with a little more make up than maybe I usually wore. I thought it would be a good idea to contact my GP anyway just to see if there was anything she could prescribe me that might have prevented them. I was prescribed a topical lotion which seemed to do the trick and helped to get rid of the spots a little quicker. I also started washing my face using Simple face wash twice a day and moisturising, too. This seemed to keep it under control for about 6 months but then the acne came back with vengeance... So, I went back to the doctors again. I was then put on a long course of anti-biotics (which I am still taking now!) and I can pretty much say that they haven't helped at all. Soooo, feeling extremely frustrating with the ever growing number of spots populating my face and also feeling extremely suicidal and depressed, I decided it was time to visit the good old GP again. I had got to the point where I was looking at my face in the mirror each morning and just crying. Mainly because I absolutely hated the way I looked and also because I just could not understand for the life of me why all of a sudden I had started to suffer with extremely painful and inflamed acne. I didn't want to go to work, I didn't want to see my friends, I didn't even want to see my family ot my boyfriend. All I wanted to do was sit in my room applying copious amounts of Freederm hoping that in the morning I would wake up to a completely clear face. This, of course, never happened. I was signed off work due to depression and also put on a course of anti-depressants. I was also prescribed Yasmin. I was on this for 6 months and my skin did start to improve, but I was still not happy with the fact I was still getting spots. All I wanted was clear skin. After much debate with my GP, I was referred to a dermatologist who recommended I tried Dianette. I've been taking it for about a month and unfortunately my skin has broken out worse than it ever has before. I'm not sure if this is down to the change it's making to my hormones or whether this is just part of the natural course before things start to clear up. Either way, it is safe to say my skin is having a little bit of a hissy fit. Anyway... I've never had to deal with anything like this in my life. It's hard, in fact, it is really hard. After all, your face is what everyone see's all day everyday. It is how people remember you and unfortunately in this world, it is how a lot of people will judge you too. The simple fact is that those people are definitely not worth knowing anyway and they are probably even more insecure than you are. There are so many other things that make us who we are and I think it is so important that we all remind ourselves that it is only a skin condition. It could always be so much worse. However, I will keep searching for my cure!! Has anyone got any useful tips or recommendations on hormonal acne? It would even be nice just to hear some of your stories. Looking forward to chatting with some fellow acne sufferers!! Kaylee xxx .




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