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What Has Helped My Acne, Serious

I have been in the same shoes as you, have tried everything to rid face of this awful skin disease! I am now 16 and still have a little acne, had my worst acne in 8th grade. My zits and cysts looked so irritated, like a spider just came up and gave me a nasty bite! I will tell you what does not work for my oily face: -Benzoyl Peroxide (Proactive) -Hydrogen peroxide -Toothpaste -Witch Hazel -Tea tree oil -Any soap (drys face) -Egg Whites -Baking Soda (burns face) -Salt What has really helped me? -Apple Cidear Vinegar. Acne.org should not say home remedies are "largely" ineffective. This is one of the few rememedies I have tried that really works! Try it, vinegar may smell nasty, but the smell goes away in 5 minutes, no kidding. This is the best thing I have tried for my acne, I am SERIOUS! Dilute with water or your face will get dry and red. I also apply this to my keratois pilaris on my arms (have it really bad) and my body acne, I barely have any keratosis pilaris/body acne now. -Coconut oil. Yes, oil, many people think any oil gives you acne, but that is not true. A healthy face needs moisturizing, what better way to do it naturally! After the ACV dries, rub the Coconut oil onto your skin. -Salycilic Acid pads. I use Stridex and apply to my face and body. This what my regime is and it is pretty simple: 1. -Shower everyday 2. -Dry off, then apply one Stridex pad each for my body and face. 3. -Apply diluted ACV after I brush my teeth before I got to bed on my face and body, 4. -Wait till ACV dries, then apply a little coconut oil to my face. Try this for a week and I want to know if this clers any of your acne up! Good luck!




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