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Acne Regime

Day 1 Hello Everyone, I'm starting this log of my journey through my regimen because i felt obligated to provide information to anyone who was searching the internet trying to find help answers for their acne. i want to give hope to others through my story. My regiment consists of: 1. Doxycycline 2x a day 2. Retin-a in the morning 3. calirfoam at night 4. I also apply a generic hydrating cleanser provided by my derm. before each treatment I have had deep clogged acne pores on my forehead and neck and have minor acne on my cheeks. My back and chest acne is just as bad as my face acne if not worse...i just started today so ill keep my log updated every week As always, good luck Day 3 This is kinda early for an update but i felt this was important to post. The acne on my face and neck has started to naturally come to the surface and is becoming hard and rough kinda like a scab. I believe this is because of the beginning of the acne treatment trying to unclog my pores. The unsettling part is that the scabs are noticeable and unattractive. Day 7 So I'm about a week in and I have mostly favorable things to mention. My body acne has become 20x clearer and is starting to heal. The white heads have gone away and are replaced by smaller red dots but that's a positive because that's the first step of healing. My face acne is a different story...the large cyst looking clogged pores have gone away and the inflammation has gone down tremendously. The negative to all these positives is that all the little acne has risen to the surface. I have little scabby acne in places I haven't. These minor breakouts are annoying because my acne was getting better but I guess minor acne breakouts are better than having inflamed pores. I have only gotten two inflamed acne since starting my regime and they are about half the size as the ones before so I count my first week as a win but I'm still hoping for clearer complection in the future

Logan P

Logan P


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