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Day 2

Took my first accutane pill yesterday. Felt good. Today my cyst is healing up but still very pronounced. Had to go into my college to meet with class mates for a few projects and wore a scarf hiding my chin all day. bleh!





Day 1

Hey to who ever is reading this! I'm new to acne.org writing, but have constantly used this website for acne advice. I appreciate everything I have read, everyone is so brave for sharing their stories about struggles AND accomplishments with acne. I've struggled with Cystic acne for my whole teenage life and now into my early twenties. I've tried every drug store remedy for it. Every over the counter topical treatment, which just left my breakout dry and gross to cover with make up. Because of my struggles with acne I've become a great makeup artist because of all the breakouts. Can't go out without cover up and bronzer. So, I've started this blog because today is day one of my Accuntane Adventure. I've tried everything, and read others stories on Acne.org about their great experience with Accuntane, and feel it's the best path for me now. Day 1 I have a large cyst on my left side chin area. Currently covered with polysporin to help with the infection. I'll be trying to update as much as I can, as I am new, stay with me while I get use to this blog thing. Thanks, Bee




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