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Dead Before I Had A Chance To Live

I haven't been on Acne.org for a while now because i had the impression that my acne troubles were making a full remission. I was pretty damn wrong. For a while i was walking around all confident and what not, didn't really worry about my face because i didn't think anything was wrong with it. I would look in the mirror and not really be perfectly satisfied with how i looked but it was alot better than what it used to be. And then, i made the mistake of looking closely at my face in the light wi




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Wierd Progress: Uploading Photos Soon!

so I went to my dermatologist and she took a look at me and said the obvious: STOP TOUCHING, PICKING POPPING. I gotta tell ya, that's probally the worst part. It seems that humans inherently want to pick and pop no matter how many professionals give sound advice and provide facts about the damage you cause by doing so. Long story short: MY SKIN IS CLEARING UP :DDD I was prescribed a retinol 150 cream. The stuff cost me $80 !! With a price tag like that it better be good, right? Well I experienc




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So I Made The Decision

Well I just woke up and looked in the mirror. I seem to have developed a new pustule on my cheek along with more pus filling the papsules so now they are visible whiteheads. I also have loads of red marks all over my jaws and a deep cyst that plays peek a boo with me between the eyes. Every single one of my pores seems to be clogged and my face just seems like a ticking time bomb for new inflamed bumps to appear. Then again it's been on this downward spiral for about a month now. I feel so alone




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At The Tipping Point

Hello all! I'm starting this blog because I believe I've reached a new low with my overall skin condition. Let's start with my skin history. I had perfect skin up until the seventh grade when I would get the odd pimple here and there. But it was just one pimple or two. Nothing that I would get too crazy about. Then around 11th grade I noticed a lot of new closed comedones. I was still a "newbie" in the acne game and I was just confused as to what these little devils were. They weren't blatently




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