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When Is It Our Time

This entry is more of a confession or venting session. So I must say this before I continue, this is not going to offer any immediate satisfaction to anyone suffering from acne and the scars it produces. I say that with regret, because I know first hand, what its like to experience this "common" skin disease that we all suffer from. I know about scars because I too, have them. What I don't understand and what I will continue to not understand is how the medical industry with all its pharm meds and edgy procedures that try to improve, cure, and eliminate so many illnesses, it does not compare to the little improvement to address acne and the scars it produces. I have looked at countless pictures, videos, confessions, etc. that talk about the individuals' personal experiences that include depression, shame, guilt, hopelessness, and anger about the disease they have come to know and experience. All they hope for is an opportunity to feel confidence and a sense of normal. What's worse is the prices that the doctors charge for all of these procedures that try to give people hope that maybe they can feel normal again and move on from there feelings that there trapped inside a body they were not meant for. I only wish that the medical companies would understand that this is a disease that is very much a problem and one that needs more and more research. Insurance companies pay for women to have reconstructive breast surgery because of the emotional and physical impact it has on the individuals that suffer with cancer, why not acne and acne scars? They didn't try to get cancer just like we didn't try to get acne. And I don't care if someone thinks one is worse than the other because it causes death because there are people out there wanting to, or thinking about, or even following through and killing themselves because they feel inadequate over acne and acne scars. Instead they charge an obscene amount of money that most of us have to save for continuously and even almost make us broke, just to try to feel normal like the rest. Insurance companies consider this all cosmetic procedures and cover no cost regarding scar treatment. I don't remember doing anything to cause acne or the scars I have because unfortunately this came from one of my parents. THIS IS A PROBLEM!!! Is it possible the community of sufferers can convince them wrong? I hope so......