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Accutane Month 2

Today has been exactly 4 weeks since starting the med. my skin is dry, lips are dry and the tiny bumps on my forehead appear to be getting better. Besides that, I am still breaking out on my cheeks which seem to clear somewhat quickly but is just followed by another big pimple. Ughhh I hope this stops soon. Im just so ready to be clear! I'm going to stay positive and believe this will work! Anyways yay for one whole month on the med! Have a great day everyone!!




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Accutane Journey!

Started accutane today. 60mg a day. I take one pill in AM and two with dinner. I feel very nervous. I hope it doesn't affect my hair in anyway. If it just gets dry I can live with that. I am praying that I do not get an IB. If anyone reads this, say a prayer for me! I know I will have clear, smooth skin in no time! Ill post pics when I get home from work today and then weekly




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I Hope Someone Can Help!

Hi there, my name is Victoria and I am 24. I am hoping that someone can please give me some advice on my situation as I am becoming somewhat desperate. For about 2 years now I have been dealing with closed comedones on my face and upper back which is steadily getting worse. And im not talking about a clogged pore or two, I'm talking about thousands of tiny clogged, flesh colored bumps all over my face, which some become inflamed around the time of my menstrual cycle. Once inflamed I'm left with PIH for weeks! I have literally tried everything short of accutane to combat it and nothing is working. Before the age of 22 skin was always flawless! I am a registered nurse and i work for a dermatologist who keeps suggesting that I start accutane. I am currently trying to get preggo so this really isn't an option. I guess I'm asking if anyone knows of a definite cure for closed comedones, or at least ways to stop them from inflaming. I have tried BHA peels and they somewhat help. I'm kinda at the point where I might put a halt to pregnancy to try 6 Months of Accutane, but hubby doesn't really want me to. If everyone only understood how much this is affecting me emotionally!! Any suggestions are welcome!!




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