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Nose Scars Temporary Fix

I have a box scar an large pores on my nose. I am a 33yr old asian woman and i had a round of bad cystic acne on my nose. When it disappeared it left me with bad scars. I have spent over $7k on procedures from skin needling, TCA, CO2, subcision and lastly fat grafting. With maybe a 30% improvement? I still hate my nose and am self conscious when ever i have to be under fluorescent light. I have bought tons of makeup, concealapore, dermaflage, smashbox pore concealer and special fx makeup. If my nose wasnt so red from all the treatments and hyperpigmentation, the temporary stuff could work pretty good. My favorite so far is from BEn Nye Nose and Scar wax, it is cheap and u get quite a bit of product. The best applicator to apply it is from concealapore. The fair color is way too light and the light brown actually works really well on my medium skin tone. I've attached before and after pics to how it looks. First photo has nothing. Second has scar wax only. 3rd and 4th has wax, concealer and powder taken outside in natural light and in door. I hope this helps.




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