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Some Dreams Never Become A Reality....

Hi, my name is Adam. I've been dealing with acne ever since my second year of high school. Ever since the age of 15 i started getting acne, at first.i thouhgt nothing of it but as years when on i got it diagnosed as cystic acne which is known to develop in large amounts and scar for life. My dermatologist had told me just this past month that it is the worst case of acne and scars he has seen in the 35 years he has been working.Before that all I remember is enjoying life, going to the beach, being able to wear whatever I want, hanging out with friends, being happy and proud of who I was. Now I feel as if I'm living a world completely to myself as if no one else exists. Over the past few years I have taken accutane several time but haven't really seen much of a difference. I also have cysts on my neck which is why i wear hoodies all most all year round to hide my problem. I hate putting myself down just because of this problem, my shoulders and back are probly my best body parts although i lie and say they are small so people wont ask to see them. I also change in the stalls at the gym which sucks.My biggest problem is I'm an alright looking guy so I've been told and have wanted to pursue a life in the fitness industry although my skin will forever hold me back. I have severe scars all over my back and shoulders and do not believe I will ever be able to take off my shirt or wear tanks. Recently I have also get them in my upper chest which really suck cause now v necks are not even able to be worn. In order to be satisfied I would need several surgeries to reduce the appearance of these scars which I can unfortunately not afford. I just want and answer how am I suppose to live a life or shoot for a dream if it's not me giving up but instead my skin giving up on me. All I wanna do is hide and I'm tired of this I even miss days at the gym due to the fact that I'm the only one at my gym wearing hoodies in the summer and am the only one with acne. I hide this from everyone friends, and even most of my family. I would pay any amount of many to have clear skin. Life will never be the same as it once was.....




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