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1 Step To Curing My Acne

Hi, My name is Opey and I've had acne since I was 14 and now I'm 20 going 21, basically I've had acne for 6 years straight and I just can't deal with it anymore. I hate looking in the mirror because of my countless inflamed cystic acne. It just looks disgusting and I can be honest with my self, people around me have said it to me so I know myself. When people make fun of me because of my acne it doesn't actually hurt my feelings and that's being honest, but it just makes me think, what about if I didn't have acne and my face was as clear as them ?. Obviously I know they wouldn't make fun of me then but that's just what I always thought. I've tried musts things to cure my acne but nothing's worked but I'm sure that my acne is due to my hormones, reason why is anytime I masturbate I get a pimple or pimples the next day. The pimples I get from masturbating are awful. I decided to stop masturbating for 1 week and a few days, I was still getting acne but my acne healed much faster. That was the effect of not masturbating that my acne would heal faster instead of weeks. I now think it as to be my diet, because nothing I put on my face will cure my acne I have to cure it from the inside. I don't want to keep this long because I want people to also join me, I've tried to change my diet but I always fall into temptation for foods I know I shouldn't eat. That's why I signed up on this form to give me the will power to complete this, knowing I'm doing this for me and for people to see me succeed. I want to do a 60 DAY DIET CLEANSE. I believe food, sex and masturbation as something to do with individuals with hormonal acne. So basically in this 60 day diet cleanse I will do the following. START of with a 3 day water fast, to rid your body from all the past foods you've eaten ( so 3 day water fast ) Lets begin 1. Drinking nothing but WATER! ( I can only drink water no other liquid ) 2. Avoiding all sugars, milk(dairy), processed foods, all grains, Wheat, Gluten, anything that contains starch, Nightshade vegetables, citrus fruits, anything containing omega 6, sodas, Caffeine, all meats (ALL MEATS), fish, all nuts from trees, legumes, eggs (all types) 3. NO MASTURBATING OR SEX ! (yes masturbation can lead to deficiencies in nutrients that play a key role in keeping your body strong to eliminate toxins with out causing acne in the result) Now the things I'm going to allow myself to eat, the reason why I excluded so many foods from my diet is when you have an hormonal imbalanced and eat any of the foods I said to avoid you will never have complete 100% clear skin, but if you have balanced your hormones then no problem. This 60 day challenge is for me (us) to balance our hormones, once we balance our hormones we should have no problem eating any foods in moderation, even over eating can cause an imbalance. So back to it, now these are the things I will eat during this 60 day cleanse. 1. Cucumbers ( rare for an allergic reaction ) contains vitamin k, C, B5 and all the minerals we need to support us through this cleanse such as manganese, magnesium and potassium 2. Broccoli 3. Cauliflower 4. Spinach So that's it, this is to balance our hormones, if you have any questions please ask me and I will explain to you why because I know people are going to question me on what not to do and what to do. Starting from tomorrow I'm going to write my progress day by day till I reach the final day (60) feel free if anyone else would like to join. Good luck to me




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