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Before I Begin:)

Okay. So I have been struggling with face acne for a few years now, but I am currently dealing with back/shoulder/chest acne that I have had for about a year. It has made me very insecure and I want to get rid of it! I have this horrible habit of picking my acne and I have tried so many treatments to heal my skin, but I just cannot seem to stop picking:( So today, I have developed this challenge for myself. I am going to go two whole weeks without taking a look at my bacne. I will still treat the acne with medication but I will NOT be looking at my skin. I am going to avoid mirrors, and wear clothing that covers my back so I'm not tempted to peak. My goal is to avoid any temptation to pick. I will heal my acne as long as I can bring myself to stop touching it. I believe I can do it!