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How does one who suffers from acne feel confident or secure about themselves. There's times that i don't even want to look at myself because i know that i have terrible acne filled skin. I know it's not all that makes me who i am, but i know it's the first thing somebody sees. I feel ugly, actually disgusting at times. I fall into this deep sadness when i see what's on my face and how bad my face looks. I can't stand it, and my eyes begin to water because I'm embarrassed and feel unpretty. There's also been plenty of times that I've avoided public places because of my skin. There's times that i try my best to hide my face because i don't want others to see it. I wish i had the magic or solution to heel my skin. Nobody knows what it feels like to suffer every single day like this.





New :)

Hello everyone, I've came across this website & have found it quite interesting. I don't feel so alone with my acne, I've read lots of similar stories! I hope to find treatments & even more stories that can help me with my journey with acne. I've been suffering from acne for about 8 years now. Just like everybody else I've tired everything. I can never find a happy medium with my acne & i can truly say there is not one day that i have been happy with my skin (sadly). I'm actually attempting to change my diet & use some natural products to heal my skin. I would appreciate encouragement & tips if anybody is willing to offer. Thanks, Bianca




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