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Fingers Crossed

I currently have severe acne. Since coming off the pill approximately 5 years ago my acne has got progressively worse. Having tried various anti biotics and topical treatments for a year I was referred to an NHS dermatologist who diagnosed inflammatory acne and rosacea. They wrote to the GP with recommendations of treatments to try - mainly more anti biotics. Things settled for a period but then started to deteriorate. Things took a dramatic turn for the worse when I was prescribed Duac and had an allergic reaction, since then my skin quickly deteriorated and is now the worst it has ever been. I eventually managed to get referred back to the dermatologist (long story which I won't bore you with). So the dermatologist has recommended that due to the severe level of my acne roaccutane is the best option along with steroids. I started the steroids today and start the roaccutane on Monday. I'm excited about the possible prospect of clear skin but am also nervous about the possible side effects. Generally I'm a very confident person but since my skin has got worse I am no longer as confident, am struggling to make eye contact and dread going out in public. Hope that sharing some of my experiences over the next few months will help both myself and others who are desperately seeking clear skin. Xx