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4 Months On The Regimen

Hey guys! It's been 4 months now and everything is awesome! I do get some acne right before my period but that always happened before I started to break out like crazy. Other than that, I'm clear still I'm still doing the regimen twice a day and wearing makeup. I also do have all my scars. Working on fading my scars now. I'll post pictures soon!




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Week 14 On Regimen. I'm Finally Clear!

Week 14: I'm at the 3.5 month mark! Annnnnnd ***drumroll please*** IM ACNE FREE!!! No actives what so evvvver! My goal was to be clear by christmas and I did it! I'm so happy you guys! I couldn't of done it without this website and the support and information that all of you have provided. Thank you! For the next two weeks I'm going to be focusing on my hyper pigmentation. Chat with you all next week!

Week 13 On Regimen. Things Are Going Great

Week 13: I'm 3 months and 1 week in on this regimen. Things are still good and about the same as last week. I'd just decided to list pros and cons of the 3 month mark because I don't want to keep on sounding repetitive on here Pros: 1. My face has fully adjusted to BP 2. My face isn't dry or flakey at all anymore 3. My make up goes on so smoothly now 4. It takes me only 15min twice a day instead of 30min twice a day 5. No more tiny clusters of whiteheads Cons 1. Lots of hyper pigm

Week 11 And 12 On Regimen

Week 11: by the beginning of this week all of my pimples from week 10s breakout have all dried up. Yippy!! I currently only have 1 cystic pimple on my chin and 1 active pimple on my cheek!!! I'm super excited and happy. I can get away with just some bb cream on the days I'm not doing much but have to go out or see people. Week 12: Yay!!! 3 months officially on the regimen. It's crazy I made it this far and the results have been epic. I did tho have a mini breakout on my chin and cheek but

Week 10 On Regimen

Week 10: this week did start out with a few cystic breakouts on my left cheek and jawline and that weird neck pimple again! I'm not sure why. It's kind of setting me back. But I know I have to push through. Just stinks Damnt! At the end of week ten most of my breakout dried up. I've just noticed with the regimen you break out really bad at first, then you purge, then you get better, then you purge again. But the healing process becomes much more faster and pimples don't last very long.

Week 9 On Regimen

Week 9: I'm still improving!! Yay! Hopefully I'll be %100 clear by christmas. I still am getting very tiny minimal breakouts (last a day) but that's to be expected. It feels so nice to wash my face in the shower and it not feel like I'm running my hands on sand paper!




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8 Weeks On Regimen

Week 8: Yay! Made it to two months! This week I got 3 mini cyst like under my chin/jawline and 1 on my neck. My cheeks have def been clearing up though. (Only a few whiteheads here and there) I'm really feeling like every day I become more and more like myself again! I'm thinking I really need to get on the ball and just order aha for my scarring and cyst. I just don't want to rush things you know? With make up on you can barley see my scars. I'd rather have scars then active big pimples all o

Week 6 And 7

Week 6: I feel a little better this week. This cyst are dying down and my jawline doesn't hurt as bad. I had a mini breakout on my right cheek. Good news is I tried out mineral makeup and actually like it! I do dream of the day when makeup won't be a "chore" but fun and girly like it use to be! Week 7: things seem to be looking up! I don't want to get to excited just I case I go through another horrible purge. I am still getting mini whitehead break outs. (They pop up over night and then cle

Week 5

Week 5: I'm feeling very depressed. I think I'm on my 2nd purging stage, only this time its cysts. My face started hurting so bad from the cysts. I have about 5 cysts on my left jawline. It hurts to smile, hurts to talk. I'm getting those nasty neck pimples again too. Who gets pimples on their neck?!! I keep telling myself that Patience is the key. I can't wait for this purging part to be over!

Week 4

Week 4: a month in! I'm at the end of the first purging stage. Thank god! I feel a lot better about myself this week. I wake up an extra 30min early in the morning so I can put some make up on. I have to take my daughter to the bus stop. I can't have the other mothers see me like this. I even have this hat I wear that pushes my big curly hair forward to hide my cheeks so I don't have to slather foundation on at the crack of dawn. It does make me upset that I can't be like all the other moms and

Week 3

Week 3: here comes the big purging break out stage. I'd say i have over 40 pimples on my face right now. I fell to my knees today in tears. Praying to God to take this away. My acne has gotten worst since I started and the worst it's been in my entire life. I look in the mirror and hate myself. I use to be full of confidence. What happened to me? I've been avoiding my friends and can't look at people in the eye. I'm worried about myself, this isn't me. My skin has become an obsession. I need to

Week 2

Week 2: I think I cleared up a little bit. My skin does feel very tight and itchy. I've been using a clean wash cloth just to lightly dap on my very itchy cheeks to stop the itch. At the end of this week I had to go to a family reunion and was staying at my father in laws house for three days with family I've never met. I had a system where I would wake up at 7am before everyone else. Get my shower and secretly do my skin regimen. Then secretly put make up on. I even have this hair band that mak

Week 1

Week 1: okay. It's time to start this regimen. I need to clear up my skin. It's so embarrassing. I'm feeling like I can do this! Week one wasn't too bad either. I have high hopes even though I know it's going to be a long road ahead. I'm using cetphil gentle cleanser, BP, and cetphil moisturizer twice a day. ***please feel free to comment or ask questions!***

Acne Story

Acne story I've had acne since I was 16. It wasn't really bad at all. Just a few pimples here and there when my period would come. Maybe the occasional cyst but that was rare. I never wore make up especially foundation. I am now 26 years old and I've had the worst breakout out of the blue in my life. I noticed I started getting cyst starting in March. Then the summer of 2013 I started to get more and more cyst and pimples on my cheeks and jawline. I started wearing makeup and googleing what t
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