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Accutane Month 1 (Mild Adult Acne)

I've decided to start this blog after almost 1.5 years of deliberating over whether to start accutane for my mild but extremely persistent acne (not had a clear face over the last 3.5 years). At 33 years old, it has really affected my confidence and I I have decided that enough is enough and I want clear skin! I had acne as a teenager which cleared up through taking a bcp. After 15 years of being on birth control I decided to give my body a break. So at the age of 30 I came off it. Within 3 months my skin had become crazily oily and I started breaking out on my cheeks (where I have never had acne before), then I started getting cysts (i think) on my jaw line and forehead. My skin just looked and felt all clogged up. Being half chinese, I continually had dark marks on my face from old acne making my face look worse. I went to my doctors (I live in London, England) and was put on Lymecycline. This helped get rid of the cysts and some of the excess oil (my hair also got really dry). After 10 months I came off it but my skin was still far from what my skin used to be like pre coming off bcp. I then tried Retin A with some mild success. I still had terrible skin texture, with lots of extremely stubborn closed comodones. They just never went away! I went to a private derm who recommended accutane. But I chickened out due to the side effects. i then tried skin peels. They helped but was only a temporary measure and costly. So 1.5 years later and fed up with consistently having to worry about my skin I have decided to bit the bullet and start my accutane journey! I am 5ft 7 and 58kg. I started on 20mg a day for the first 3 weeks to ease myself into the medication. Then in the 4th week increased this to 40mg a day. I have to say I am really happy so far with so its going. I had a mild headache the first day and then when I increased to 40mg a mild headache on the second day, but apart from that no headaches. Very slightly dryer lips. Very slight upper back pain a couple times in the last week but that's it. Amazingly my skin texture has improved alot. Alot of the closed comodones have reduced in size or gone completely. I had a few on my forehead and cheeks all grouped together that had been there for about a year and they have all but gone! A couple of the closed comodones around my chin have become inflamed pimples, but apart from that I have not really had an initial breakout. I am taking zinc, fish oil and B12. I exercise regularly (about 3-4 times a week). So far so good! I feel more confident about my skin already and am excited to see how it continues to improve (hopefully!).