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Pcos Hormone Acne

Hi there, Ive never posted on these things before, but i really wanted to to share my awesome discovery with somebody! Ive suffered with homonal acne for a while and was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome last year. I tried alsorts of things, face washes, treatments etc. Feeling disillusioned, i decided to try and treat it from within i.e. balance the hormones. Unfortunately, i discovered that contraceptive pills didnt work for me, they made me really depressed and hormonal even more...not good! I have always been into herbal remedys rather than chemicals, so after hours of 'googling' i came across Agnus Castus (Chaste berry).....WOW!! ive been taking it for three weeks now and my skin has cleared right up! It also appears less oily which is awesome. I only take Agnus Castus now, along with a healthy diet and im well impressed . Please google Agnus Castus and see what you think Like with all herbals, they wont be for everyone, but definetly worth checking out. Good luck ! xxxx




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