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Help Me.

My skin is horrible right now. I mean, it's been bad before; but this is insane! I have had acne sine about 5th grade. I'm 15 yeras old and I am a girl and I am in 10th grade now. I have been on Monocycline, some blue ance pills, Clyndaminicn, and almost Accutane. I have tried Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, AcneFree, everything. Every store brand that didn't cost a lot. I even gave Proactiv and Murad a chance and they both did NOTHING. I hate those commercials? The Proactiv people in those commericals only have like 4 zits. Why the hell are they even in that commercial?! I've only been to a dermatologist once which was before I started 8th grade. They said my acne was severe. So I had to go into 8th grade with angry, bumpy, gross pimples all over my face. The first day of school my mom asked me if I was excited. Of course not! I have horrible acne that make up isn't even covering! Ugh. But that summer, my skin got better. I entered 9th grade with beautiful skin with minimum make up on. (Due to scarring I had to wear make up) Then again, I broke out bad. I was put on 100MG Monocyline twice a day for 60 days. I didn't want to take them because when I did before, I broke out into cysts and it made me cry every night. I haven't taken any medication for acne since maybe January of this year or earlier. I got the Depo-Provera shot for birth control at the end of April I think. My skin was clear completely at the end of May and beginning of June. I had maybe 7 zits that whole time. I was using Loreal Youth Code for my scars and they were pretty much gone too. July hit, and I broke out yet again. I know it isn't the shot, because it didn't break my out when I got it. August 21st I am getting it again since it's every 3 months. I didn't have my period at all May or June and some of July. But then I got it because it makes your period get out of hand sometimes. I have been on my period for maybe a week and a half or longer. (Spotting mainly, not a consistent period) Maybe that's why I have been breaking out perhaps? I don't know. But it's getting old. ANYWAY. Back to current conditions on my face. I have one healing zit on my forehead. I used to get horrible breakouts there when I was 12-13, but now I rarely do. I have a few zits on my lower cheek next to my mouth on my left cheek which aren't too bad. My chin gets the occasional zit, but also not too bad. Then...there's the horrid right cheek. Acne like crazy. I have at least 5 zits in a cluster, some healing and some just starting. The zits on my right cheek are on scars that just started when I recently broke out, which is making it harder to heal. I also have zits on my right jawline and by my mouth on the right side too. I don't sleep on that side or touch it. I sleep on a clean towel every night I don't pick at it either. I clean my phone all the time also. I don't exercise, never have really. Which doesn't affect my acne. I eat decent. Food didn't affect me either as I watched to see if it did. I drink a lot of water, no soda really. Maybe half of one every other week? I'm rambling again. SO. My right cheek is completely screwed. I take my make up off every night. I use Make Up For Ever HD foundation, the MUFE green primer, I clean my make up brushes every week, I use a 2% SA green concealer, and a Rimmel London Matte Powder. I usually use Mary Kay TimeWish foundation, but I have to wait to order it. The make up has nothing to do with my skin. Because I was clear the whole time I used it and it didn't clog my pores. I broke out even when using the MaryKay, so that wasn't the cause of this break out. I used to use Clearasil Daily Clean Cleanser with 2% SA, but I feel like it stopped working. I also used to use that Loreal Youth Code but stopped also because I felt like that was maybe breaking me out. But it couldn't have. UGH. It helped my scars so good. I now use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, 10% BP as a spot treatment (I always have, it works), and Pond's Dry Skin Cream, and a 3.5% Sulfur mask as a spot treatment too. I exfoliate with 2% SA sometimes too. Not all the time. I used to use a mint julep mask, but not anymore because I felt like that wasn't working too well either. My skin is calmer now I guess. But I am still breaking out. I did used to smoke cigarettes. I know, bad. But I haven't for weeks. When my skin was clear though, I smoked a little. I do smoke weed sometimes. But that has no affect on my acne. I don't drink alcohol. Maybe once every month or twice. Usually not huge amounts. I don't do any other drugs. I guess I'm stuck. I don't know what to do with my skin. I don't want to go on pills because after you go off, you break out. I got clear without pills, I just don't know how to again. I feel kind of helpless. I've made my parents spend so much money on makeup and cleansers. I feel bad and just want clear skin again..any suggestions? My skin type is dry and acne prone. I have fair skin. Also, is the Mia 2 by Clearisonic any good? I was thinking about giving that a try even though it's expensive. But if it's worth it, I want to get it.