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Skin is still awesome 2 yrs after accutane.

Its 2 yrs post accutane and I cant complain. I have a few ups and downs ( a small break out here and there) but there is nothing on my face as we speak. I do however still have oily skin which sucks cuz my makeup feels like its melting off after a few hours. I wish I could go back on tane just to dry out the oil.. No acne though so I am very happy. I will post new pics asap. ( I just erased my old gallery)





1.5 yrs post accutane

I have been off accutane for almost a year and a half. So far everything is going good. I did have a few months last fall where I was breaking out like crazy and thought I would have to take another course. I had been doing tca and glycolic acid peels at the time which may have aggravated it. I had also began using retin a for 4 months which seemed to make it way worse, so I eventually gave up. I know they say you gotta keep using it, and I did daily for 4 months. anyways I ended up taking antibiotic for 2 months (Doryx) and it all cleared up. I have been off the antibiotics for 3 months and my face still looks great. I do think the accutane is still helping me, but it has not cured me. Since taking accutane it has been easier to manage my acne. In the past antibiotics never worked and neither did topical creams. I now use panoxyl bar 5% at night and most mornings, I also use neutrogena 2.5% on the spot every 2 nights and my face is awesome. I do get an occasional spot maybe once every other month. So far life is good after accutane, I just need a slight maintenance routine.




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