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Sudocrem Day 1

Ok so I after applying my cleanser, benzoyl peroxide, and moisturiser I applied a thin layer of sudocrem to acne infested areas (around my chin) I didn't know what to expect when I woke up this morning as I've read mixed reviews on this product but I did find that some of the redness had gone down; however, it wasn't by as much as some people had guaranteed in their reviews. I will continue to use this product but I am skeptical as to how well it's going to work as some people stated that it had caused more acne to come up. I applied another thin layer over my cleanser and moisturiser this morning and it does help mask acne slightly (assuming you don't apply too much and give yourself a white coated face. Lets hope for the best





Sudocrem Day 0

Ok so this is what my face looks like at the moment (before treatment) I don't know exactly what happened that made my chin area a red mark city but it's gotten really bad. I think it's because I started using benzoyl peroxide and my skin doesn't like it, that's my assumption but it could have been many things. I'm using a 'clean and clear' facial wash every morning and night followed by a 'simple' moisturiser with SPF 15 but I'm looking into getting products that have been reviewed on acne.org as I'm conscious that these products may be irritating my skin. I'm in the UK by the way so if you haven't heard of any of these products that may be why. So I'm going to alter my regimen slightly by adding sudocrem on top of the moisturiser every morning and night as I have roughly 5 weeks until I start college (I'm 16) I've seen all of the good reviews (and the few bad) and I'm hoping for the best but personally I can't see it working, I hope I'm incorrect though. I've read that it's good for redness which is pretty much all I have at the moment. Lets hope it works and this blog is successful. Also please excuse my unshaven face, I'm really conscious about shaving at the moment.




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