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Finacea Treatment

Hello Anyone and Everyone, I am 25 years old, I have always had bad acne. It's only been in the recent 4 years that it has just gotten uncontrolable. I constantly have to wear cover up because it's so bad and even then you can still tell I have a horribly ugly face. I hate going out in public, everyone immedaitly stares at my acne, not me. I have NO confidence and I'm sick of crying over my swallon red face. I have serve Eczema I have been in and out of dematogoly offices since I was in 6th grade and every single one of them as said something different for a treatment. I've been told I have an "over-active immune system." Nothing has worked. I have tried: complete diet changes. Nothing. Epiduo. Nothing (felt like my face was burning off) Pro active. Nothing. Murad. Nothing. Anti-Biotics (Doxycycline) -This worked amazingly!!!!! for about 3 weeks.... then my body got use to the chemical and it didn't matter how offend I took it the breakouts continued. So I had to stop the anti-biotics. Every Over the counter cleanser, face wash, scrub, facial. NOTHING!! I decided to try Finacea this time hoping for a different result. I have been using Finacea for exactly 4 weeks, while taking pictures of my progress. I agree with the reveiws at first. It did REDUCED the redness, but it didn't completely get rid of it. But my skin felt smoother....until today I got the worst break out in 5 weeks. I have read that people have stepped up there own dosage with this cream so thats what I have been doing. I use it 3 to 4 times a day. (I know that sounds over excessive but my condition is worse then anybodies I've ever met face to face.) And it's STILL not working. How long does it take for this stuff to work?! I saw only one video in which a girl said she used it for 6 months before results... I'm getting married at the end of September...I can't freakin look like this on my wedding day I just can't!!! someone help please!!




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