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Current acne status: mild, adult, mostly closed comedones, mostly non-inflamed, PIH on chin and jaw. Current skincare regimen: Morning Rinse face and pre-wash eyes, nose, other oily areas with Eucerin Sensitive Skin Gentle Hydrating cleanser Treat entire face (minus eyes) and decollatage with Panoxyl Creamy Wash 4% and rinse off Apply CeraVe AM moisturizer with SPF to dry face optional: Spot treat dry areas with Olay Regenerist serum if needed Bedtime optional: Remove makeup if any Wash with Basis Sensitive Skin bar Apply acne.org AHA+ to dry face Several times per week Massage cleansing oils into skin to remove dead skin and loosen sebum in clogged pores remove most of oil very gently with steamy washcloth
optional: clay mask on oily areas for 10-20 minutes, remove with steamy washcloth & warm water
remove remaining traces of product with Equate Rejuvenating toner OR gentle cleanser

Apply short-contact BP treatment to active breakouts thin layer of 10% BP Persa-gel
rinse off completely after 10-30 minutes
Change pillowcases and bedlinens that contact face or neck




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