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Day 1

Day 1 I washed my face with this Garnier face wash, it works and it's gentle, no sulfates. I put a tiny amount of the gel on the top of my cheecks, my nose, my chin, upperlip, and forehead. My acne isn't that bad right now, I've been trying to drink lots of water and stay hydrated, I've used the Garnier face wash, and it has helped. It's just red aroud the top of my cheeks and sometimes, a pimple will form again, if it is irritated. I try my best to not keep my face from being irrated. I have tried another acne medication (prescription) before, where it was a wash the a lotion, and it really dried up my skin, and really caused it to peel, I did not ilike it, it made my face more irritated, and I stopped using it. Now my face is so much better, but still not that great, and I asked my doctor what I should use and he gave me this. So I hope this does not irritate my skin much and it works. I don't really want to wait for 6 weeks, but I guess I'll have to. That's the whole summer! Okay bye! Thanks for reading! Drink Lots of water!