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All About Acne ,tips And Tricks

hey hey all this information i have written myself from my knowledge and studies i have done i have studied beauty in college so this is what i have put together from everything i have learnt but most of it is from personal experiences . i do have videos on my youtube channel that are more in depth i have a acne series and i will have another video up tomorrow (10 july 2013 ) please have a look at my channel IT IS (kaysbeautybox) please subscribe for more and if you have any questions or want




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My Acne Story (Get To Know Me )

hey hey im kay i have had an acne problem for 5 years and a very bad case of acne i have cystic acne and it it very painful and irritated most of the time . when i was in grade 7 my acne started it wasn't at it worst but it was bad more than anything it was painful not just physically painful but emotionally painful .at the time i was the only one in my class with acne and no1 knew how to react i never used foundation or anything to hide it because i assumed it would make it worse and in a fe




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