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Jawline Acne Scars/red Marks (With Pictures)

Hi, so for the past few months I've been battling acne scarring/red marks along my jawline, especially my right side. My left side used to be clear, but once I actually started doing things to my face like washing it, it broke out and I have some mild red spots there. The real problem is with my right jawline, as you can see in the pictures. I have some indentation up near the top from when I used to squeeze pimples really hard when i was stressed during my junior year (i'm going to be a freshman in college now), but I'd say my real concern is the lower half. I know there are plenty of forums on acne.org regarding red marks, but most don't have pictures or are actually just dealing with boxcar/icepick scars. If anybody else has had a similar experience to mine, can you please either recommend some products or what you did to treat the marks. I have horrible OCD (not self-diagnosed like some people, it used to be horrible, like a TLC special kind of thing), so having these imperfections drives me nuts. Thanks for any help!




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