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Water Only Method

All the things I have tried that did not work for me:


Ole Henrickson

Juice Beauty

Peter Roth

Philosophy Clear Skin

Arcona Problem Skin

Arcona Oily Skin

Kate Somerville

Mario Badescu


LaRoche Posay



Clean & Clear

Desert Essence

Acne Free


Scent free dove soap bar (as suggested by my dermatologist)

Burts Bees

Natural remedies

Aztec Clay

Lemon/Honey Mask

Fresh cut aloe vera

Avocado/yogurt mask

Egg mask

green tea

sea salt

epson salt


Dermatologists prescribed:

Differin gel

Retin-A creams

Oral anitbiotics

[*] Supplements [*] Perricone: Skin, Hair & Body [*] Rainbow Teen Skin background Started getting acne around 17--mostly on the forehead--puberty related (?) Acne proliferated around 22 and it just kept getting worse--could have been due to poor diet (fast food), staying up late, stress and/or recreational use--acne was everywhere (forehead, cheeks, chin, jawline, & around the mouth area) 2010--ate pretty healthy (70% vegetable meals) and worked out--didn’t seem to make a difference in skin but it could have been due to extreme stress 2011--started getting monthly facial extraction treatments (extremely painful & expensive) & using Dermalogica as suggested by my ethetician. It cleared my acne in the forehead/cheek region, still had lots of acne around the jawline and lots of scars. 2011-2012--I was using all sorts of make up to cover up my imperfections. Putting on make up did not help my cause and perhaps have exacerbated my acne. 3/1/13--Started taking BC (orthotricyclen) 3/29/13--Started taking Trader Joe’s Multivitamins 50+ (w/ digestive support) & Evening Primrose Oil 3/29/13--Started to wash face with cold water only, twice daily. No skincare products applied 3/1-3/15/13--Skincare Regimen Morning (AM) Warm water Murad Clarifying Cleanser on facial sponge Dermalogica MultiActive Toner Dermalogica Medibac--Special Clearing Booster to spot treat Dermalogica Chromawhite TRX--Pure Light SPF 30 Night (PM) Warm water Murad Clarifying Cleanser on facial sponge Dermalogica MultiActive Toner Dermalogica Medibac--Special Clearing Booster to spot treat Dermalogica Medibac--Overnight Clearning Gel Fresh cut aloe vera--to calm redness and dryness Skincare Regimen It seemed to have slowed the production of acne but it was giving me extremely dry patches of skin in areas where my acne had formed. I would have lots of dried/flakey skin and dried white/colorless acne so I would pick/peel it off. As acne scars started to flatten out/heal, a new zit started forming in other areas and sometimes in the same areas as where the scar tissue started to heal itself, which was extremely frustrating. Water only method Several months ago, I read about people not washing/applying any skincare products on their face and rinsing with water only. I was skeptical but long after, my mom’s friend, who suffered from acne, had told me that her acne went away after she washed her face with cold water only, 3 times daily. In addition, my boyfriend, who rarely washes his face and eats lots of junk food, has such beautiful complexion (which could also be due to genetics). After trying almost everything known to man, I decided that I had nothing to lose and would test this cold water only method out. Not only would I save time, but I would also save money from buying/trying new skincare products. Day 1--3/30/13 Skin seems to be adjusting to the cold water only method and is purging--lots of pustule zits have developed on my chin area Day 2--3/31/13 Skin is extremely itchy and still purging Day 3--4/1/13 Skin is still purging and dead skin/sebum (?) are coming out of my pores (looks like http://wishtrend.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/z18.jpg or http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_M6awyI8OId4/TFO5H7llerI/AAAAAAAAAnw/ILxnpqxvDXo/s1600/side+zoom+b.jpg but around the mouth area--please let me know if the link if no longer available & I will send photos) Day 4--4/2/13 Skin is still purging and more dead skin/ white sebum seems to be coming out of my pores--trying really hard to resist picking at my skin as there is a lot of white stuff hanging off my chin and I am extremely self conscious and embarrassed. A couple of new zits formulated--one particularly large zit in between my brow which is really embarrassing. Day 5--4/3/13 Skin seems to be healing itself--less inflamed/red and bumpy. All the pulstule acne has gone down. There is still a lot of dead skin hanging on and my skin is really itchy--especially around the hairline and temples. Day 6--4/4/13 Skin has visible improvement--scars are still visible but acne flattened out. Skin still has a lot of dead skin/sebum oozing from pores. Really resisting the urge to scratch/itch but finding it very difficult. Day 7/8--4/5-4/6/13 Still doing the cold water, twice daily only wash. My skin seems to do overnight repairs as pustule zits flatten & dry out on their own. Day 9/10--4/7-4/8/13 A once pustule zit this morning has dried and hardened throughout the day. Skin is still very hyper-sensitive and turns red easily. Day 11/12--4/9-4/10-13 Went bike riding and fell asleep w/o showering. Seems to aggravate my skin when I don’t shower before I sleep. More excess sebum coming out from my pores. White pustule zits. Skin is still super itchy!!!! Day 13--4/11 Still getting little zits here and there but not as big. Not showering seems to cause my skin to break out Day 14--4/12 Oil from hair is causing hairline to have red bumps. Forehead is increasingly itchy--probably from falling asleep and not showering. scratched my forehead which caused irration and inflammation. Day 15--4/13 Left side of jawline is getting much better. It always had huge zits that would not fully heal. 2 new zits formed on my chin--probably from stress and eating chips. A cheese sandwich with mayo & pickles seems to cause my skin to break out Day 16--4/14 Scratching forehead on Friday caused red bumps to form on forehead. Oil from hair makes hair line very itchy. Day 17--4/15 Right side of hair line between temple & sideburns is really itchy also has red bumps. Got a q-tip and lightly/gently wiped the excess sebum and dead skin (which came out quite easily as it was soon to fall off). Day 18--4/16 Fell asleep last night and didn’t shower. One zit on my chin that formed on day 15 (Saturday) is becoming pustule. Did a quick rinse this morning. Not showering last night as mentioned seems to cause increased oil production or perhaps it is the rinse in the morning (not quite sure). There is definitely less dead skin. By the end of the day, I had a bunch of small pustule zits around my chin. Conclusion: not showering causes my skin to be extremely greasy. Day 19--4/17 Itchy forehead still persists. It’s rather annoying. Skin seems to do a lot of overnight healing. Day 20-22--4/18-4/20 Still get little zits here and there around my jawline and chin. Forehead is bumpy and often itchy. Nasal region gets itchy as oil starts to form throughout the day. Face is still red. Overall complexion has improved. Left side of jawline has flattened significantly. Red scars still remain and will take time to heal over time. Day 23--4/21 Skin is still noticably red in appearance. Napping seems to invigorate acne for some reason. Need to keep myself from falling asleep during the late afternoon/early evening Day 24--4/22 Still taking birth control, trader joes’s 50+ multivitamin & evening primrose oil--not entirely sure if any/all are making any difference on my complexion. Day 25--4/23 Forehead is still itchy--especially around hairline and temples. I can feel little bumps on my skin--extremely tempted to do clay mask but really enjoying the minimal effort to upkeep my face. Still really frustrated when I see people with beautiful/smooth complexion. It seems like eating an apple a day really makes a difference on my skin. Day 26--4/24 In hopes to exfoliate/remove dead skin, I put on an Aztec clay mask last night. I rinsed my face with cold water before and after. I came out of the shower and my chin was white with a layer of dead/dry skin. This definitely removed all moisture from my skin and I haven’t decided on whether it helped and made things worse. I haven’t seen any negative reviews about using Aztec clay (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ULg_G1_-_og/UFT8-vtEnoI/AAAAAAAACT8/x9hPKYZ7XdE/s1600/AztecHealingClay.JPG) So far my skin looks the same with some dry patches. Not sure if I should continue this mask once a week. I shall contemplate. . . Day 27--4/25 Skin is a bit dry around the chin area from the Aztec clay mask. Not sure I should continue using that on my face. Day 28--4/26 Skin still gets little zits here are there. Just glad I don’t have to use any products if I have to stay at a friend’s house overnight Day 29--4/27 Skin gets red at times (especially when I bend over or blush). Definitely not as red as before. Scars are still apparent which will take some time to disappear Day 30--4/28 Still little zits on the chin/jawline--why??!! Day 31--4/29 Skin doesn’t seem as red at times but then ..I look in the mirror in the afternoon and my skin is red? What’s the deal? Day 32--4/30 My nose is so itchy?!!?!?! Day 33--5/1 My nose is always so itchy and I can’t help but scratch using a tissue. I still get zits here and there and my face still has reddish tint. Just going to wait it out and see if things will get better over time--my skin might still be adjusting. Day 34--5/2 Not much has changed here. Skin is really itchy and a bit dry (?). Lots of sebum starting to ooze out of my pores again?? Day 35--5/3 Itchy!! Forehead/hairline & nose region = ITCHY!!! Day 36-37--5/4-5/5 Hairline is still really itchy. Lots of sebum coming our from my skin. Still get the occassional zits on jawline. Not sure if this is due to poor eating habits (lots of cheese) Day 38--5/6 Skin is still really itchy and dry/sebaceous in the jaw area. Day 39-45--5/7-5/13 Skin still gets little zits here are there. Forehead is bumpy and itchy. Cheeks are starting to look a little red & bumpy? Probably due to my poor eating habits (chocolate almond milk, grilled cheese sandwiches, flaming hot lays) Day 40--5/14 Forehead is still bumpy and itchy. It just seems like there is a lot of dead skin. I’m really tempted to exfoliate. Day 41--5/15 I sometimes use a q-tip to rub off dead skin. It seems like I get a build up of dead skin around my chin. Day 42--5/16 Used a Q-tip to rub off dead skin. I’m going to try giving myself an all natural facial tonight and see how that goes. (http://www.ehow.com/how_6606565_homemade-facials-acne_prone-skin.html) Day 43-46--5/17-5/20 Tried the facial mask. Massaging the yogurt cleanser seemed to rub off a lot of dead skin. I could feel a lot of skin and white heads rubbing against my face. Used honey, baking soda and sea salt and massaged it into my skin and left it on for a bit. I didn’t use anything afterwards. After coming out of the shower, my chin seemed to have a lot of dry flakey skin. That seems to be the reaction I get when trying to use something on my skin. Over the weekend my skin didn’t change much. I still get a bunch of white heads/sebum oozing out of my pores. Depending on the severity of dead skin, I sometimes use a q-tip to wipe off the dead skin cells after I get out of the shower. Day 44--5/22 I have been eating a little bit healthier and my skin doesn’t seem to be as inflamed. I started drinking water with sea salt at night before bed and stopped taking prim rose oil. I’m not sure if this is helping my skin. Day 45--5/23 Used Q-tip to swipe sebum or dead skin cells. Day 46--5/24 Used Q-tip to swipe sebum or dead skin cells away Day 47-52--5/25-5/29 It seems like napping and eating affects my skin. I break out when I eat poorly. Still swiping excess sebum/dead skin cells off my skin. Skin it still itchy and red Day 53-5/30 Skin is still itchy and red (especially around nose area and chin). 2 zits on my chin. Day 54-60-5/31-6/5 Continually using q-tip to swipe dead skin after the shower. Finished the last of the TJ’s multivitamin. Currently only taking birth control. Day 55-6/6 I have a huge pustule zit on my chin. It’s like a combination of 3-4 zits combined. Ugh..so gross before a wedding on Saturday. I’ve been compressing it with hot & cold green tea bags. Hopefully it will reduce the size/swelling. Still using a q-tip to brush off excess sebum/dead skin Day 56-6/7 Zit on chin is still big. Still going the hot/cold green tea bag compress and q-tip swiping dead skin Day 57-60-6/8-6/10 Zit on chin has subsided but looked hideous at the wedding. I had to wear make up at the wedding and cleanse my face a couple of times to remove all that make up. Over all my complexion looks the same minus a couple of zits here and there due to poor diet & napping, perhaps?? Starting the water only cleanse again. Day 61-6/11 Still using Q-tip to sqipe off dead skin Day 62--6/12 Starting to work out and take spin class more daily. Still swiping skin with q-tip. Seems to be doing better. Will try to do a baking soda scrub mask. Day 63--6/13 Still swiping skin with q-tip. Need to do baking soda/scrub mask Day 64-68--6/14-6/18 Still getting zits on the chin, probably due to poor diet. I really don’t know what it is. I still have yet to do a baking soda scrub/mask. Day 69-6/19 Swipapotamus--still swiping excess sebum with qtip Day 70-6/20 Still swiping. Compressed with hot & cold green tea. Day 71-6/21 Still swiping and have no done a baking soda mask Day 72-6/22 Got really sunburned from being at the beach. Did a yogurt/green tea leaf mask follow by a baking soda cleanse. Not sure if it help Day 73-6/23 Skin is still red from the sunburn. Using aloe and Algenist Restorative Night Cream. w




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