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The Truth About Medical Treatments You Must Know

I know some people would raise their eyebrows every time they hear me say “forget about the medical products” when it comes to acne. But that is the truth; acne is a very simple condition that can really be treated naturally. Some doctors would not tell their clients but as a nurse who has been with so many doctors, talked with them, worked with them I realized important facts in the field of medicine and its connection with the field of commerce. Again, I will say this over and over, when it comes to acne natural remedies is the only perfect solution. Now let’s get to the middle of this. Did you know that the first three things your doctor will advise are the following: 1st – Topical ointments like lotions, anti acne creams and gels. 2nd- Oral antibiotics such as Doxycycline, Erythromycin, Tetracycline and whatever oral antibiotics your doctor recommends. This is usually given to those with mild to moderate acne condition. 3rd- This is the last recourse which is the Isotretinoin – This is the popularly know Accutane which is said to be for severe acne condition! Now let me go straight to the bottom of this and point out the negative effects these drugs could do to you. Did you know that the manufacturer of accutane which is Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG have been battling with so many lawsuits against people who suffered greatly with accutane? The company even lost 6 lawsuits out of 6 filed cases! If they produced a drug safe enough then I’m sure they wouldn’t really lost all 6 cases right? Do you want to end up one of these people who filed a case? What are other negative causes of accutane? Well, back in 2004 there’s this study that showed that those people who took this drug had shown significant decreased activity in their frontal brain for about 21%. Why! Please wake up and don’t be fooled by the TEMPORARY results your current medical treatments are giving you. How about antibiotics? Did you know that although this drug kills the bad bacteria that cause your acne it also kills along with it the good or beneficial bacteria you have. These friends will possibly cause you a yeast infection and later on even develop antibiotic resistance. That is why most doctors would resort to only a limited time use of antibiotic to ensure that resistance won’t be developed. Let’s take for example Erythromycin, did you know that this antibiotic can cause damage to your teeth or skeleton? Doxycycline on the other hand is also associated with issues to photosensitivity. Minocycline however can cause pigmentation on your precious skin! Which is often found on acne scars. My point here is, medical treatments won’t really address your acne problems. I will tell you a great holistic approach to eventually get rid of your acne on my next write up. I hope this has enlightened you if you are planning to resort to medical treatments. Still, at the end of the day it is YOU who will decide. Take care of your body and be wise enough to know which is good and not for your over health!

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Forget About Medical Treatments

Forget About Medical Treatments! This is my first advice to those who are currently having acne problems. I told everyone before that the first 3 things to do to battle acne effectively is to know what acne is, to know what works with it and to know what makes it worst. Do these 3 important principles and we can move on and battle acne effectively. I have discovered effective ways to get rid of acne without having you spend any dime. Please forget about medical products such as anti acne creams, facial cleansers, masks, topical ointments, drugs and a lot more for these things are just temporary remedies. These may lessen the inflammation for a period of time but it will never totally heal your acne. So why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something that you know will not work for life. Unless you want to depend on these drugs for life then it's up to you. Acne my friends is an alarm, a sign that somthing wrong is happening within your system. Don't treat these acnes as just an outer layer issues and only skin deep. In fact, acnes are warning signs that you must give your attention. If you are suffering long enough and if acne is slowly killing your social life then let me help you out and together let's explore the method I discovered. As I've been telling everyone, this natural remedies for acne is very effective, 100% guaranteed and have been tested by more than 138,000 people around the world. Be free of acne in 30-60 days and if done well you might even start seeing results in less than 7 days. My discovered method may need discipline but I tell you this, its effect is a lifetime guarantee.

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