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The Best Products

Hello beauties! I just recently wrote an incredibly lengthy blog explaining my acne journey, in which I included some regimens and products that really worked for me. However I realize probably no one wants to read an essay about my life, so here's a shorter version of products that have really worked and didn't work for me. Good cleansers: Skin essence - pure: A cleanser made up of different healing oils made specifically for the face. This is the only cleanser that has reall

Keep Smilin

Keep Smilin



Finding What Works For You.

Hello my fellow acne sufferers! I hope this blog may help someone out there! Brief acne history: Four years ago I went on tetracycline for acne, although my acne was really quite mild back then, but it was my first year of college and since I always had flawless porcelain skin in high school, it was a big deal for me. My dermatologist had me on one pill a day for a little over 6 months, with retisol-A and clindoxyl gel. It worked great, my skin was better than ever! After about 3

Keep Smilin

Keep Smilin


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