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Tazorac Week 1

SO my journey to clear skin begins again! Let me start from the beginning.... so I had pretty moderate acne last year and like most of you here I had tried EVERYTHING so long story short I went to the derm and got prescribed epiduo. It started working almost immediately, there was a pretty bad initial breakout and the dreaded flaking of the skin but after about 2 weeks I could tell it was working and by month 3, I was completely cleared up. I was incredibly happy with the results, I stopped worrying about my skin and I felt like a changed person. HOWEVER about 9 months into the treatment I started to notice my skin gettting progressively worse and worse. At first I thought it was just a breakout but nothing seemed to be improving so I went to my derm and he prescribed me Tazorac 0.05 cream. It's currently my 5th day on the Taz and my skin is a NIGHTMARE. The initial breakout started immediately and has left me with the worst skin I've had in a year. As hard as it's been these past few days I'm trying to stay positive and just hope it clears up soon (Prom's in 2 weeks yikes!), I've noticed that the breakout seems to be healing fast I just hope I don't have to deal with many more flareups considering my skin wasn't that bad to begin with. What about you guys? Has anyone been using Tazorac or have experience with it? Has it worked well for you? How long did your initial breakout last ? Let me know I'd love to get in touch with some fellow Taz users