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Fifth And Sixth Week

Okay just to clear things up, TECHNICALLY I am starting my seventh week on the pill [first pill; dark blue pills, second pack]. My entry titles are off because I think I was mid week when I said I was just starting. Also, I'm talking about the week that had just passed: so I'll be talking about my sixth week, however, I have just started my seventh week. Briefly, I will talk about how my fifth week went. I got a new cyst under my bottom lip RIGHT next to the one that was going away [uuuggghhhhh], my jawline broke out, I got like two pimples on my left cheek; I was getting frustrated! Now, I just ended my sixth week and it's definitely calmed down! The cyst under my bottom lip IS diminishing and hopefully I won't get another one and my jawline breakouts are clearing up. As of right now, I have two small pimples on the area between my nose and my upper lip, I have a small pimple on my chin, and I have a small, yet painful, cyst on the left side of my jaw. In total, like four blemishes. I am starting to worry about the scarring, but I guess I should worry about clearing up my face before I worry about the scarring. As I approach the placebo pills, I'm getting nervous because those broke me out so much last month and my brother will be graduating high school that week and we'll be taking A LOT of pictures and I don't want to look that gross! I hear things start getting better by month 3 [third pack] so fingers crossed!!

Fourth Week

So I finished the white placebo pills and my face broke out so much that week [maybe because there are no hormones?], but before the pill, my face was it's best during my period and I would break out when I was ovulating [weird]. I got two pimples right on the apples of my cheek (one on the left cheek and the other on the right), two on my chin, two on my forehead, the one under my lip got worse, and I got a couple on my jawline. Now I'm on my second pack [6th white pill] and my cheeks are so much better and clearer, no my pimples on my forehead, the one under my lip [that I've been battling for like 2-3 weeks now] is finally diminishing, the ones on my chin are gone HOWEVER, I am still breaking out on my jaw. There are about 6-7 small cystic on the right side of my jaw and they literally make an exponential curve up my jawline and they're painful as well.

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Third Week

So I just finished my third week, dark blue pills, (still 1st pack) and the cyst under my bottom lip isn't hurting anymore and it's decreased in size. I have gotten four pimples on my jaw (three on the right and one on the left), two small pimples on the side of my face (on the left; however now they're going away), and more recently two pimples on my cheek (left). As for the rest of my face, idk it could be me, but I definitely see some improvement! My face is more glowing and although I still have breakouts, it's definitely lowered! I don't need to use as much foundation/concealer (which is good because I'm running out)! Right now, I am on the third green pill (placebo), but I haven't gotten my period yet. I'm not worried though because it's only my first pack and my body is adjusting to this new cycle (I used to have a 32 days cycle). I can't wait to start the new pack! As for other side effects, I have not gained anymore than what I initially gained, but I like the curves that it's giving me! It is preseason for soccer, so now I'm on a "diet" and conditioning and hopefully I'll just tone up like before.

Second Week

I've finished my second week on Ortho Tri Cyclen (the light blue ones and I'm three dark blue pills into my third week) and I have noticed a couple things. I've definitely put on some weight [ ], but idk I seem to look a little curvier which I kind of like. I have a couple whiteheads around my chin, which aren't really too bad. HOWEVER, I have a huge, painful, cyst under my bottom lip and it's just horrid. I have a second cyst on my jaw, but it's not as painful nor as big as the one under my bottom lip. I'm hoping that it will go away soon just because it hurts and it's kind of flakey. Other than that, my skin is okay. I used to break out on my cheeks a lot, but that has stopped and I guess moved to my mouth, chin, and jaw area. Looking forward to finishing this first packet!

First Week

So I recently went on birth control (Ortho Tri Cyclen) and I just finished my first week which is also the first seven white pills. I maybe only got two acne cysts that week and they weren't completely terrible. I have been eating like crazy and put on a couple pounds because of this non-stop eating, but it could also be because it's finals week. Now I'm on my second week of my first pack (third light blue pill, to be exact) and I have noticed a couple more breakouts, but again not anything I'm not used to seeing on my face. I'm still eating a lot, but I don't seem to be moody. I will keep making weekly entires and I hope that OTC will finally improve the rancidness that is my face.